Greece Today

I met a Greek today. Who grew up in USA.

I was having a beer at one of those high priced cafe`s in Pireaus Centre. 5 Euros for a small bottle of Amstel is outrageous! But, I needed the place to stay connected and wired. Right next to me, and older fellow was struggling with his own laptop, and had another open to get the fix. I could have offered to help him out, but I was having my own issues with my own weapon which seemed to live its own life.

He’s been living back in here in Greece for the last 15 years. He still have his U.S. Passport. He votes in U.S. Elections. He calls himself Reagan republican. He taught me something valuable about Greece and Greek mentality of today. From politics to women. He sat at a cafè in Pireaus struggling with his laptop. We both agreed on one thing. Windows XP is ready to be scrapped.

I am astonished on how many mistakes our “elected leaders” must take before they realize that they have not only been wrong all along, but that they are corrupted as hell as well. This is what I was taught by the elderly Greek gentleman who have learned how to save pennys while being a Reagan republican in the Jewish community in New York City:

The Greeks today are still stuck in a time after the glory and insights of the old philosphers. There are no Greek politician of today who have the right to take any claim or legacy from either Socrates, Platon, Aristoteles nor Hippocrates the way they behave.

The Greeks are stuck in mindset just after Christianity killed Sokrates for good. Only Islamic Arabs saves Socrates for us free thinkers to be able to use later.

They are following the same track as the banksters want them. They are like puppy dogs on love with some Nigerian scammer, and refuse to let go, and demands that the people, the voters pay the bill!

I am off course paraphrasing, and making leading analogies here. But I think you get my drift. While they are prosecuting journalists, and protecting the tax evetaors whom STOLE money by not paying their fair share, they let the people pay the bill. Straight out:

The government demands paycuts for all, more taxes, and privatization of the Hipocratic Healthcare system, and the let the banksters go free. May I remind you all, that IMF is a private bank.

Which means, there are private owners and stock holders. Their only interest is profit. The corporations bottom line, is not a better society or a better world, but better profits.

And do you people really think that IMF is hanging around in different clubs than Goldman Sachs is hanging around in?

On top of it all, my Greek/American aquanitance could confirm to me that religion plays a huge role in society. Despite the fact that people do whatever they want any way, crossing their chests every time they pas a church the morning after being stoned the night before, the church as an institution rakes in like a vampire squid on both ends.

The Greek Orthodox Church is the biggest land owner in Hellas. They take in huge profits from this land every year. Yet they pay no taxes. From what I have been told, there are 50 000 priests in Hellas. And they take part in education as well.
In practice, they are being paid by the government as well! The richest and the oldest institution which is leeching off of the striking bus strikers backs are not only the banksters and the politicians they bought, but also the church! The representatives of the pot smoking hippie and batchelor Jesus whom demanded that all his followers must give up their wealth and pick up the cross, are getting enormously fat on the backs of sick people who soon will have to pay extra for their doctors visit, or to take their appendix!

I came here to Greece to get away from an island that seemed to become darker and darker for me. Here, it’s lighter. But more beggars. More filth. More junkies. Cheaper drugs. Healthier food. More chaotic. And a government which didn’t have the wisdom in how to handle legalization, so they put the hole bill on the shelve. They didn’t have the competence on how to adminstrate the whole shit. Many Greeks are growing home in their back yard. How to legalize something that everyone can grow? Pick out a seed from the bag you are buying from inland, Creete, or Albania, and grow it yourself! How the hell even think about enforcing something that even the bosses in mulitnational corporations are inhaling on a frequent basis?

This is “my government” of today. It is “mine”. I live here for now. I work. I pay my taxes with pride. And I expect that my National Insurance will count for something in case I need it instead if those money ending up in a Swiss bank account, because the people I cannot choose to run my daily life rather have me pay their bailout rather than putting the scammers in prison, I smoke my Ganja with GOOD consience.

How I get my weed, is another story.

I am not sure if you will believe me when Iwrite it. Sometimes even I cannot believe my connections. It’s almost comical. And very telling about how the Greek society is built up today.

I think I will need a few days on some island soon. When it becomes warmer. Maybe I’ll go to Cyprus. Maybe I’ll ask Norways richest man, the tax evading Nigeria oil pumping John Fredriksen on how it will feel like losing almost half his shit, thinking reality wouldn’t come back to bite his fat ass! Poetic justice would be if I saw him, shrunken in like a raisin, begging on the street, longing back to the Socialist System of Norway who would cradle him back on to his feet – no charge.