What’s wrong with Greece?

If anyone thought that Ireland was in trouble, Greece is fucked. Weekly, there are demonstrations against austerity, termination of public jobs, cuts in salaries, raising taxes while more and more people resort to the streets as beggars and lottery ticket salesmen. Violence, attacks, Golden Dawn, and corrupt politicians and bankers exporting the country’s wealth one Euro at a time.

Golden Dawn MPs are blocking any attempt of making the shipping industry paying their fair share. While their foot soldiers are harassing street vendors for not being Greek. Multinational companies who use their employees and toss them away like old shoes if not everything is PG at all time, referring them to an unemploymence office who demand the impossible, while forcing the unemployed to go hungry for months before they receive a dime – a symbolic sum of 360 Euros a month.

If I wasn’t stuck here, broke, beaten, battered, robbed, and added insult to injury by an employer who seem to not take their responsibility seriously, I would perhaps enjoy the silence before the storm, getting my camera ready to cover the story, to take pictures of a country imploding by it’s own weight, and a public who lose their rights day by day to an increasingly cynical elite – read “job creators”….

I would continue to name names as I go, but one of my readers reacted to my last article, indicating that burning bridges is not a good idea.
Burning bridges?

I didn’t choose to write this story. I was forced to under difficult circumstances, getting an outlet of my frustrations.
And anyone who knows me, knows that it’s an equally bad idea to piss off a writer. Tread on me, and I bite. And I don’t take prisoners.

This Friday, there will be a 6th December demonstration in Exarchia. They will commemorate a police killing of a 15 year old kid back in 2008. I think I will bring my camera., and witness the forthcoming protest that will most surely end up in violence. as the previous years.