911 Censorship and MSM partisanship

It’s official. People don’t like to hear the truth. They don’t even dare to ask the questions that can even remotely get  a mile close the Truth.

I’m off course thinking about the lies that strides through, and editors sencors proper questions. I call them media whores!

What questions are still dangerous to ask?

1. Valerie Plame!

Why did she become a target?

Because lies becomes wars, and Truth obsolete!

Mums the word. Don’t use the wrong one! It might make you not only sencored! It might make you a target!

Anyone daring to ask questions on her and the Yellowcake myth is being targeted. I wonder how long WordPress will allow me to rant on without targeting me too. The bastards are outb there.

Crooks becomes “loyal soldiers” while true heros become crooks in the eyes of Big Brother. And better keep your euyes with you. They WILL read anything that is about 9.11, Iraq, Yellowcake, and exposure of an underco0ver agent. What Scooter Libby was doing on behalf of his boss whas nothing short of treason! There are others whom are pissing on service men. And should be outed as scumbags du joure. Some sare sitting in newspapers¨, getting paid to admit slanders of one part, and throw out others for calling a spade a spade! Covering up for their puppet masters, deliberately sencoring certain words. It’s like living in 1984!

We are NOT more free now that we were 40n years ago. We are LESS free. And we can all thank the stupifiying MSM for merely acting as sounbytes for the power. Yet evwen they are too dumb to realize it.

2. Why haven’t anyone given a plausible answer to why GWB ignored the warnings 5 weeks a head of 9.11?

Ask this question, and be labelled as a left wing conspiracy theorist. What is funny, is that Bush lied. And got a black woman to answer for him in Congress. Years after the incident!

Are they counting on that all people are either lobotomized or seriously brain damaged?

3. Cheney!

For some strange reason, they did prepare for Martial Law. By giving whole NORAD for DICK to play with. Coincidentally, he let the whole airforce run off on a wild goose chase, sop to speak to “train” for an incident that happened the same time, 100s of miles away!

Dick Cheney is either a bad chess player, a dumb brute ignorant, or a calculating bastard whom was very well prepared for what was going to happen.

4. Saddam: Accusing him for stocking up with WMDs after more than 10 years of constant bombings is just folly. If there was any WMDs, he was given them by USA, France and Britain! They know! They got the receipt!

5. Osama Bin Laden. The whole story is better than any soap opera deriving from Texas. This is a playbook directly from JR Ewing conspiring with seedy Arabs many years just because he sucks being a businessman, and gets cheques for free by some “kind” Arab named Bin Laden, whos brother is employed by CIA for many years, and all of a sudden becomes the ultimate James Bond crook.

Who wouldnæt know what the conversation was about when CIA made a little visit to his sick bed in Dubai in July 2001? I know that I whish that the room was bugged, and I had the bug!

That tape would make Wikileaks green with envy.  And I would be a target by goons in black with no name. That’s only a wet dream though.

6. Karzai. How come this unknown corporate piece of work in Unocal become prime minister or president in a coubntry he haven’t been ti in years? Anyone really believe from fair elections? Right! I guess that the PNAC is using Afghanistan as a ginny pig on how to install puppets, and rig elections…

7- Bush.

Now that’s a family saga that will dwarf any screenwriter for Hollywood. Why does MSM and the justice dpt let him get away with olies he’s just admitted to? Is the attention span even on higher levels of government that short? Would a gold fish be equally qualified for the position of the man on theb Big Red Button?

Òr maybe it doesn’t matter as long as you’re born in the right circles, and have the right friends in college, and have the right “Daddy”…

And guess what the result of this crack pot of coincidenses. Two unnecessary wars, 5000 dead soldiers, a complete disdain and di9srespect for anyone ever served in a  NATO uniform, 1 milion refugees, 1100 000 dead Iraqis, a Taliban restrengthened, more dead people, radicalization of dumb sheep on all sides, and awkward yet legitimate questions being sencored or ridiculed. The most ironic thing is, that once these questions are asked, you get almost an immediate reaction from the puppets.

It seems we need more than ever another H.L.Mencken and a Dr. Gonzo rolled into one…

In the meantime, MSM media keeps serving chickenhawks, and roll don over people who still have questions unanswered. Like VG, a discrace to both veterans as well as free press. And the lame editors are getting all sore when words like “treason” is being used.  Maybe these bastards shoulfd take a long and hard look in the mirror and ask themselves which team they are on. Patriots or traitors to their own game?

What do YOU think?