Operation dog rescue -“MY” 10 dogs – In Memory of Ol’ Boy and every dog I have known

Whatever indifference, or cause of pain to our best friend committed by people, they are likely to do the same to human beings.

I have been hungry. I have been alone. I have had to fight. I have been homeless. I have been locked up. I have been rejected. I have lost someone I love. I know what these dogs have been going through.

Whenever I start getting an ounce of faith in humanity and decency, I’m bound to get disappointed. I just hope Shoe won’t ever get that experience again.



“Dog SHOE was saved from a villager. This man kept SHOE since the dog was 5 months old, tied in a chain, inside his house’ basement. Poor dog didn’t saw for years the day light, didn’t smell fresh air. When we rescued him, we noticed the “strange” walk – SHOE forgot how to walk on grass.

As devastating as his story sounds, SHOE is ready to move on and forget. Lately, he made promising steps forward and trust every person at the large shelter”

I just hope that you can forgive quicker than me boy. I wanted to send you a gift, but has been stopped by some bad people. It’s like when you were in the basement, hoping for a kind word, and a soft hand a long walk, play and a treat instead got a boot, and some rotten leftovers. But don’t worry. We’ve weathered storms before. And now, you are my cause. One of my causes. One of the many fates and tragedies that needs to be mended, and you can live out your lives the way it’s meant to be.

And then there is Nabi.


This is her story.

“Nabi means “Butterfly” in Korean. In order to give a name to hundreds of dogs that need to be advertised on the website www.sponsoradog.ro , dogs that keep coming and going into forever homes….we should use our imagination and be really inventive!

I called this white, female dog Nabi because I searched for a soft, inspirational name. To match the real story of her life:

Nabi was rescued from the steel plant surroundings, together with 2 other females dogs. They all had 3 bigger and 6 smaller babies. They made no trouble sharing the kennel space, from the very beginning. Actually, they made a habit to nurse their babies together.

Nabi is the weakest dog from all the three moms. She is overprotective and extra careful with all the babies, including those who are not hers.

Nabi and her puppies would have been most certainly dead by now, if she wouldn’t be rescued. In many ways, she lives now a totally different life than before.

There are many female dogs like Nabi across Romania. One of my greatest fears, as a human being, is to be powerless and couldn’t be able to help the ones I love.

Many moms like Nabi watch powerless how their babies die. Many of them lost their lives while trying, starving, to hunt something to keep them and their families alive.

Many got deadly injured in dogs’ fights, trying to protect their babies or were abused by heartless people.

There is something that makes Nabi story special: When rescued, she had a problem to one of her front legs. Usually, these types of problems represent a top priority for our team but in this case, we had to consider that Nobi is nursing the babies and if we tranquilize her, her role of “mother” must put on hold for a short while.

As always, ROLDA supporters were receptive to cover Nabi special needs, which included extra-protein, diet food, the leg’ surgery and post surgery treatment,the sterilization.

Nabi and her puppies reminds us how important the sterilization is. We should also think about thousands of dogs like Nabi that don’t get medical help, or food – they die nameless, hopeless and isolated, treated like garbage by an indifferent society.”


I was going to limit my 1st contribution to 10, but this little lady melted my heart. Beaten, battered, and having pups to protect is not an easy task for anyone, having to trust humans again is a chance to take. Somehow to let her know that there are someone who loves her and her pups, and want to make them feel safe and happy.

And then there is Marco. My child hood hero. Travelled half around the world, and wrote about it.

“MARCO was rescued from the Smardan, a village located nearby Galati and transformed into a “perfect place” to dump unwanted dogs (e.g. former pets abandoned by their owners).”

Dump a dog, just like you’re dumping a used dish washer, or old socks, right? Dumping little Marco is the same as dumping the legacy of Marco Polo.  In my world, this is sacrilege.

Or send him to the pound for euthanasia because of barking. As an Atheist (and Buddhist), I still may have some of that baby Jesus child like faith in me. That little boy who couldn’t stand injustice. Now, I’m still with the poor, the down trodden, and ostracized. I have walked down that path before, and see it and feel it every single day I can stand walking among humans, or get into tear mode watching rescued pooches get well again.

Not long ago, SVEN was a stray. I can only imagine how a stray life is.

I’d call him Tip. He reminds of a Collie I had as a best friend during my year as an exchange student on a one animal farm in fundie land Kansas by that name. Whenever, I had a rotten day at school, he’d always be there to make me feel better. When I was having knee issues after football season, and needed to rehabilitate, and start taking walks again, he’d follow my across the fields on the farm I lived on. He would guard over my jack rabbit catch when I went hunting. No animals, just the corn fields, and the farm dog my old buddy Tip and wild game by the creek.

It’s just sad SVEN doesn’t like cuddles or treats yet. It must have been something in his past and his endless days, weeks, months, even years as a stray not trusting anyone but yourself. I know there is a cuddly boy underneath there somewhere. He just need the right and willing person to show him how.

Gonco has his own YouTube clip as well.  Switch out the ‘C’ with a ‘z’, and you got Dr. Gonzo. One of my favorite American writers.

“GONCO was saved as a puppy. He grew up in our shelter and transformed into a wonderful, adoptable boy.GONCO’s dream is to be adopted by an active family, with kids.”

I may be a single veteran (from Bosnia 93) with a broken heart still in Belfast, but maybe Gonzo could mend that, and help me found a new family, including kids. Ah! A man can dream. Even the most cynical of us can dream. When you hear a whimper from some dump in the middle of the night from a dog, it’s the dog crying over a long lost love, or the dream of getting cozy and loved at least once in life.

BEAR means Bamse in Norwegian.

I am quoting Bears story from the site.

“Not long ago, BEAR was a stray. I can only imagine how a stray life is. We, humans, might feel stress about getting a better job or getting a loan to take a new car. These animals are stressed to survive day after day. To hunt for little food, to avoid imminent dangers. No wonder many of strays who get less and less contact with aggressive people are transformed into semi-wild animals.Our modern cities are for these dogs a jungle in which they are busy to survive. It is completely humans fault for these dogs presence on streets and somehow, it should be our responsibility to deal with them humanely.”

Who knows how long time he’s been out there? Has he ever felt the warmth and love from a family he can call his own? I do not know. Until they are groomed, and named, washed, and given food and medicine, most stray dogs might just seem to be a nuisance in traffic for most people it seems. And for some, they mean even less than that when promises broken have only been done by humans.

I would choose Bear due to his age. And rename him to his Norwegian name. As I am a traveler, now home, that travel bug might still kick in. In the meantime, I or someone could give this old boy some happy remaining days until he passes on. Imagine your grand parents being kicked out on the street after they are “productive” anymore.

VINCENT is just van Gogh for me.

It’s also a memory from my Belfast years as I came as close to family life as I have ever been.  Belfast Vincent was the son of an old girlfriend of mine at the same age when I met  him. I fell in love with them both during my first 6 months in Belfast working for Microsoft. Both he and his mom inspired me to write “Birds, the Bees & a Bottle of Whiskey” after a breakup. I miss them both.  Vincent seems to be the wee fella who can shred old dark clouds to pieces or perhaps spread some sunlight in someone’s life.. Whomever that lucky person might be. He certainly looks up for the task…


Seriously? Fluffy? Might as well call the little fella “Timmy”… or Tiny Tim

Somehow, I have always had a soft spot for both big and small, but definitely the “wild looking” dog. Fluffy are one of the many who needs a sponsor and ultimately a parent or two to look out for him.


Choosing between so many beautiful young ladies is as difficult as choosing one at a harem. She could whisper in my ears and charm the girls for me and do all the job while I will get a reason to smile and laugh everyday again. Ever heard of a happy writer without a companion?


It had to be a German Shepherd as last. First I ever remembered as a small child was a female German in one of my uncle’s family called Bianca.  Who better to understand a semi old fart and his problems than a chum his own age. It would be to reminiscence with an old pal you only just met and will have a friendship with until last breath and longer.

I will let Sarah Brightman call out their need, and thousands of more pending an unnecessary, painful and lonely death…


So! 40 quid per character was and still is my goal. All I have to do is to make my own “owners”, the company who was supposed to pay me for work done, and are now more aggressive than fighting dogs on a leash. Don’t worry fellas and lady. Something will come. I have gone through enough myself not to give up entirely on miracles.

All I have to do is to deal with some bad people. I have dealt with the kind before. I will still chase them and name them as long as they insist on acting on power and force.

There are plenty more doggies to choose from people! Something for every taste. As cute as pups in the store are, you will see something different in the eyes of a stray dog finding his or her home. I cannot understand it. Buying and selling dogs as if they were some commodity? It’s like selling babies on the open market!

Kicking out or abandoning your dog is like abandoning your own child, or breaking up with someone. Both have happened. So, dogs will also be kicked out and have a broken heart from our follies, selfishness and prone to cruelty and indifference.

And it disappoints me that a country calling itself “Christian” can do what it does to it’s dogs. Not surprising. But…Disappointing. It seems to me the Romanian people or at least its power and church are more interested in dressing up and worshipping idols than actually to walk the road given to them by their savior. Go to church on a Sunday. Join a rally on Monday. Get sacked on Tuesday. Kick a dog that same day…And blame the immigrants and Gypsies!

But I have a message to those people, Well, Johnny Cash has a message to those people…


To last, I have a challenge to the rich man who now calls himself Stian Stiansen.  Call yourself animal lover? When living off the hard work of others who pay their rent monthly, it’s easy to play “anthroposophy” when it’s peanuts and pocket change you put in your little hedge fund also called “Foundation”. It’s the rich mans way of washing away some guilt.

Now, read the whole thing again WITH the music!




Imagine… A stray dogs tale and last wish.

What it’s like living from day to day, struggling with getting something to eat, something to drink, while constantly fearing for your safety all alone. Imagine to have your whole world being taken away from you by a family you thought loved you, and suddenly find yourself in a place where dangers might lurk around the next corner. Getting something to eat have suddenly become an issue.

The dangers are many. Other dogs, human beings, traffic, diseases….

This is what has inspired me lately to not stay silent anymore and start talking again.

Your “crime” may that your owners kicked you out.

“I’m trying to do my best. You were my entire existence. I would have given my life for you. I let your kids drag my ears. Sit on me. All I wanted was a place to sleep, not having to worry about my next meal. Then I got sick. Tormented by my owner who no long cuddled if he ever did, but comes with lashes and punches. Now, I don’t know where I’m going. Some mean people threw rocks at me. The big cars are scary. I run. I panic. I meet bigger, meaner dogs having lived out here longer than me. I’m so tired and hungry. Where’s my bed? Why am I not home with mom and dad getting cuddled before bedtime about now?”

Many dogs who ends up on the street are there because their owners were cruel even before they kicked the little one out. Some of them have been living their entire life on the street without knowing what it is like to have a home. Some may have vague memories about thus, and cries about it in loneliness.

Most dogs die in a kennel, or outside somewhere no one can find them. Without having the chance to know what it’s like to fall asleep in your moms or dads arms, getting treats, long walks, cuddles, toys and tom foolery games with someone to love them and care for them.

This video made me all cry for the first time since I became “stray” myself.

You know how awful it is to be hungry, sick – and have nobody there to care for you? To have an itchy sensation spreading all over your body and can do nothing about it?

You cannot ask for help, as you don’t speak the human language – you can’t even cry loud your misery, as there is nobody there, near you to care!

All these sound horrible – It’s not something you’d wish for your family, or for anyone else you know. You and I both don’t want these awful things to happen in our community. Sadly, where I live, thousands of dogs are freezing during winter, or getting dehydrated during hot summer days. They suffer in misery, hungry, alone. Their bodies are often too weak to fight even minor infections.

Even after 3 days, I still have a lump in my throat<a href=”.


This is not a unique story. This drama, this tragedy is being played out on a daily basis while humans play politics, and capitalism in their lives. This dog had at least someone with him when he drew his last breath.

Some dogs make it. Most don’t.


Our ancestors bred dogs for help and companionship. Even some the most mass murdering monsters in history had a four legged pooch. So I wonder how anyone can just walk by and not give a damn about someone weaker than you, made for them treat their best friend this way?

I am not to answer this, since this would be a study in pathological psychopathy.

I am here to get others open their eyes as this clip and many others have opened mine. I guess I feel more like the downtrodden. Maybe some memories from my last ten years have started to catch up with me.

Sponsor a dog.  Help save a life!


I have found 10 dogs I will sponsor as soon as the proceeds from my latest translation comes in.  400 Euros of my 700 Euro payment will goThat is if Linguafield and Natalia Arriba will still have the privilege to call themselves human with an ounce od honor…

I will keep you posted on this! Because something went wrong, and now they are up in hysteria, and makes me worried about having to postpone to go through with sponsoring some wonderful dogs and perhaps adopt one. They are about to find out what it’s like to piss off  writer by screwing him!