bureaucrats – Sorry, soulless pissants!

I just cane back to Norway 4 weeks ago, For many of you, that seems like a long time if you’ve been on a week binge in Costa Diahorrea.

Having been abroad for a year and a half, you feel as if you’ve been on another planet.

Memories are invading my third eye while I’m having a beer, talking to friends about the trip, and the blunt is kicking in.

For a small moment, I realize what my government wants to do to me. They want to lock me up for carrying my medicine with me where ever I go. It’s what George Carlin says: «I always have a joint somewhere!»

I am paying the price of writing these days. Whenever I think that things are looking a bit better, there is a big beast that remind you chasing you down, demanding blind and fearful submission.

It’s the beast of soulless, spiritless decrees that reminds me of my own fuck- ups.

They want to punish me for carrying around with me the medicine that keeps me from punching their faces after smashing an empty whiskey bottle over their empty heads.

Speaking to them is like speaking to robots. I wonder if it’s an actual person relieving my communication, or a press button that someone press on to reply with the voice of an automatic answering machine.

Living in an Orwellian world where corrupt bureaucrats rule, and politicians are spouting out the same garbage as they did the last election, giving us the illusion of freedom, while maniacs run wild with guns, the bureaucrats and the professional liars and power mongers seem to not like people getting high instead of drunk.

My country does not feel like my country anymore. Earlier writers warned about this. Even then, mine and their country was not ours anymore. I wonder if it ever was. I wonder if the same psychotic rulers, and their spiritless pissants rule now as they did then.

They are ants. And they piss in the nest that they squat in while bereaving others of their freedom.

Writer Nils Kjær once wrote about ants. He somehow admired their stamina and their ingenuity.. Seemingly all focusing on one thing. Feeding their fat queen, while killing anyone stands in their way. And they do these things automatically. That’s probably why he also despised them.

While I was a kid, I used to pull the legs off of these mindless creatures, and then stomp on them.


Because I was pissed off about something, and I wanted to stump on stupidity.

Now, I am the ant. Being stumped on by a big kid.


Because the kid is a sadistic bastard whom loves to pluck the wings off flies, and rip off ants legs just to see what happens.

A kid whom evolves, gand moves on from this evil practice. The kid will grow up, experience things and see things in a different way.

The kid whom does not evolves, stays in the same simple minded neurosis of fear and loathing, while repeating the same leg picking just to see if there will be a different reaction from another pissant.

Some of these becomes buearocrats. The ones above them become rulers. They do not allow any dissent from their rules of repetition.

That’s when they send in the soldier ants in, to rip apart the dissenters.

In the human world, we usually lock each other up….



~A message to voters everywhere~

There is a saying about government from John Grishams “Pelican Briefs” that I truly appreciate.

Let me quote it for you.

“Individual over government, government over business and corporations, the environment over everything, and whatever the Native Americans want, give it to them!”

Where the Tea Party, Dick Armey, the religious nuts, and corporate interests want to take you, is government over people, the corporations over government, screw the environment, and whatever an immigrant does, it is evil.”

The socalled real Americans wants things to be like in the “glory days” while dumping their trash where they squat in while establishing a corporate theocracy where they misuse the term freedom.

They want you to pay whenever they screw up, and they keep the winnings.

And they want you to do their fighting, killing and dying for them. They are too busy counting your money, buying the next yacht, while they have some greedy, bigotted church leaders dump theirquasi religious garbage over you and your heads.

They want big government on pure moral issues. That’s why they want big government to invade your privacy. To decide whom you can marry, whether a 14- year old rape victim have a right to abortion, or whether a person can have decisions over ones own body that will affect the rest of ones life; They want to dictate what you can put into your own body. They want to deny you to use a plant! But if you buy a can of gasoline and drink the shit, it’s none of their business!

Need healthcare?

You have insurance? Sorry! We only take cash with no insurance!

The owners want you to vote in their interest, so that you might keep a job next year! Don’t you see a holy fourome matrinomy between Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson and the Koch Brothers?

You whine about freedom, but you give up your rights to feel an inch safer! Put a camera in each home, while your tax dollars are being wasted on the notion that USA is the next 1000 year reich.

Screw the homeless! They have themselves to thank for their misery.

Maybe it’s because they are veterans. Or got laid off from their jobs when their owners shipped their company to some rice field in the Philippines.
Or some over crowded factory in China.
Where they are being told to shut up, or lose their jobs and end up in prison for unionising. Those are all signs of a Fascist state.

USA have been on it’s way to become a fascist state since Nixon. This development have picked up speed since Reagan. I wonder if these two old bastards are having a laugh wherever they are now. I wonder if Hunter S. Thompson have started to give them both the beating of their lifetime.

I wonder if Prescott Bush is proud of his useless wannabe cowboy grandson whom was continuing the work that he started in the 30’s/

And what do you do?

You fall into the same trap as any ignorant village idiot for the same tricks that has been shown you many times if you have ever opened a history book.

You fall for cheap talking points, and appeels to your bigotry.

You are so simple that you think that things you blow up is a lot of fun. Specially when those objects fall on top of non- pre- born babies and they are brown, or belive in something else that your preacher tells you to believe.

C’mon! Let’s send you punk kids and some “true patriots” to do our killing for us and then leave them in the street until you can arrest them for smoking weed!

Their only salvation is for them to become as simple minded as you are and admit they are freeloaders whom didn’t get their limbs blown off for healthcare! They got their limbs blown off for your freedom to give your money to insurance companies, your pharmaceuticals and your boozer.

God forbid if you dare to have some weed instead!

Then your big government will use a private prison complex whom will make millions on your cheap labour.

Your oil companies are receiving billions while they spill oil all over the world, while chanting “drill baby drill!”

I’m thinking about starting my own oil company. Can I drill in your back yard and use Blackwater to chase you out for nickles and dimes?

Can I spill some oil right in your new backyard afterwards?

It might suck for you! But hell, it is good for business!

Why not exchanging your Constitution with the simple slogan “God, Guns & Bullets!”

Here in my country we claim to be the best in healthcare and social justice!

Yet somehow we are on top of O.D statistics. We have the same sadistic cops whom are raiding and chasing away poor gypsies while I’m stitting next to them with a joint in my mouth. My government still do oilspills! And we get fed the same brainless BS on TV, while news and politics here is so bloody boring that without drugs, watching the paint dry is more interesting.

My government is misusing a hell of a lot of funds. My government still persecutes pot smokers. We still have people like you here. They still live in their own bubble. Some of them in position of power. They also want to screw us. And they pack it in golden words and cruel lies.

They should be treated as you! Like neurotics with Herb treatment, the book of Papillion, and a train ticket out of town!

Learn something! See something! Read something! Even my bullshit!


I have found out that my step father, the old captain of SS Norway in the late 80’s might read my rant. I better be careful with my language! He’s got such a sensitive soul. He can’t handle any foul words.

But I’ve been living too long in Ireland. They do have fresh language there…