Norge- Anno 1942?

Etter kommunikasjon avtales det i koder.

Informasjon utveksles.

Snart er det tid for møtet. Den ene står og venter på bussen. Den andre går ut, og i butikken for å virke tilforlaterlig.

Han går over veien, og ser sitt møtet ved hjørnet. Han snakker i telefonen da de møtes, og tilfeldig går samme vei. Hendene utveksler ting. Ting som Direktivet har strenge straffer for. Etter byttehandelen vil den ene ha gjort en gjerning, og den andre bruker det han fikk av diverse årsaker. Å grave seg dypere i materien.

Statsmakten, okkupanten begynnner å bli svakere. Motstanden sterkere. Men hemmelighold fremdeles et absolutt.

Dette er ikke Norge anno 1942! Det kunne like gjerne vært det. Dette er Norge, og hundretusenvis av andre steder på jorden i 2011. Stort sett over hele vår lille Gea. Vi lever i en forbudstid!

Utdrag fra “Forbudstid”…



An American Spring?

Ahh! I feel like Voltaire! Living in a “safe haven” in a rich country north of Europe!

Enjoying the Arabian Spring! Feeling that something is stirring

in the land of the free

Both Switzerland and Norway seem to be “socialist nightmares” for some, and countries of milk and honey for others!

From the Arabian Spring, I might live to see an American Spring.

I wanna see suits cuffed, and the American feudalists tarred and feathered!

I want to see pot smoking cops off duty help the “hippies” and the “disgruntled” do it!

I wanna have an Italian sausage as a side dish for my lamb!

I would love to see it live! And compare

To what teabaggers whined about until they got power

It seems that the notion of share

is some form of socialist theft

They heard it in their shacks from Beck, O’Reillly

and Hannity

Or from some neighbour whom is an afficionato for guns

Little do they know

That their homes will soon be foreclosed

Not understanding

What pot smokers, postal workers

teachers and firefighters have now understood

That they have been screwed for many years!

Even the years I visited the land of Reagan and Bush

For ten years, your liberties have been robbed!

You have stood idly by

Until a modern dr. Gonzo showed up

reading James Thurber every Friday night

Bashing the voices

Crushing the monster

With mere words

Are people only know starting to wake up?

Or do you need some pointers from Europe?

We know how to take care of our tyrants. We have done it before!

Remember! Europe once ruled the world! And we have fought each other for 2000 years!

America wants now to rule the world

Starving the weakest home, while being a bully abroad

Exporting “democracy” to countries you have bombed!

Projecting all your fears

on to fictitous enemies

and none existing ghosts!

While teabaggers whined about their guns, bibles and their medicare

they voted in people whom cares not for the bible

takes away their freedom

and take away their medicare

Wollowing in the same cheap talking points

as an auto answer from the mouth of Ayn Rand

Caring more for 400 people than a 150 million people!

A few hundred people understood it!

Alexander Hamiltons dream have become a nightmare!

A street and a wall built up by African slaves has been occupied

by the modern day monopoly player

Where the dividence means more than human life

They use their usual puppets

“Spending cuts! Small government! Incentives! Handouts! Liberties!
Socialism! National security! Illegall immigrants!”

Reading lines they do not understand written by people whom would despise them

A few hundred people understood!

I wanna see more people down at Wall Street
I wanna see a George Soros sponsored Tea Party bus or 50
filled with homeless veterans with guns!

I wanna see the biggest pot smoking parade since George Washington had his first taste of the annual crop!

I wanna see a Village gay parade threating to out some closet queer in the GOP!

I wanna see IT workers! Having worked with IT, I have never seen or experienced more pot smokers than IT workers and call centre geeks!

I wanna see postal workers go down before they go postal after loosing their jobs!

Firing people seem to be a part of the GOP jobs plan!

I wanna see half of Harlem at Wall Street!

By all means! Your ancestors built the thing! Help yourselves!

I wanna see Warren Buffet put his money and action where his mouth is!
It’s time you spent some of your vast fortune on something good!

Who needs 40 billion in the grave?

Off course, I wanna see some Teabaggers funded by Dick Armey too!
To counter protest the unreasonable accusations of the proles

I want them to bring the bible
and show how much baby Jesus loves money brokers

and hate queers, liberals and leeches off of the backs
off the “job creators” and god fearing patriots

I wanna see the homeless veterans that Billo and FOX refuse existed
Protest outside the Rockefeller Plaza

I wanna see Glenn Beck crying while masturbating in Central Park
Warning about the “leftie agenda” to other homeless people

I wanna see Hannity be water boarded for charity

I wanna see Wall Street and Roger Ailes indicted

I wanna see Bush & Cheney dropped over Helmand I Afghanistan

I wanna see the Koch brothers lose their 50 billion dollars!

I wanna see Christian fundamentalism lose its evil grip

I wanna see a true American Spring

In October….