Imagine… A stray dogs tale and last wish.

What it’s like living from day to day, struggling with getting something to eat, something to drink, while constantly fearing for your safety all alone. Imagine to have your whole world being taken away from you by a family you thought loved you, and suddenly find yourself in a place where dangers might lurk around the next corner. Getting something to eat have suddenly become an issue.

The dangers are many. Other dogs, human beings, traffic, diseases….

This is what has inspired me lately to not stay silent anymore and start talking again.

Your “crime” may that your owners kicked you out.

“I’m trying to do my best. You were my entire existence. I would have given my life for you. I let your kids drag my ears. Sit on me. All I wanted was a place to sleep, not having to worry about my next meal. Then I got sick. Tormented by my owner who no long cuddled if he ever did, but comes with lashes and punches. Now, I don’t know where I’m going. Some mean people threw rocks at me. The big cars are scary. I run. I panic. I meet bigger, meaner dogs having lived out here longer than me. I’m so tired and hungry. Where’s my bed? Why am I not home with mom and dad getting cuddled before bedtime about now?”

Many dogs who ends up on the street are there because their owners were cruel even before they kicked the little one out. Some of them have been living their entire life on the street without knowing what it is like to have a home. Some may have vague memories about thus, and cries about it in loneliness.

Most dogs die in a kennel, or outside somewhere no one can find them. Without having the chance to know what it’s like to fall asleep in your moms or dads arms, getting treats, long walks, cuddles, toys and tom foolery games with someone to love them and care for them.

This video made me all cry for the first time since I became “stray” myself.

You know how awful it is to be hungry, sick – and have nobody there to care for you? To have an itchy sensation spreading all over your body and can do nothing about it?

You cannot ask for help, as you don’t speak the human language – you can’t even cry loud your misery, as there is nobody there, near you to care!

All these sound horrible – It’s not something you’d wish for your family, or for anyone else you know. You and I both don’t want these awful things to happen in our community. Sadly, where I live, thousands of dogs are freezing during winter, or getting dehydrated during hot summer days. They suffer in misery, hungry, alone. Their bodies are often too weak to fight even minor infections.

Even after 3 days, I still have a lump in my throat<a href=”.


This is not a unique story. This drama, this tragedy is being played out on a daily basis while humans play politics, and capitalism in their lives. This dog had at least someone with him when he drew his last breath.

Some dogs make it. Most don’t.


Our ancestors bred dogs for help and companionship. Even some the most mass murdering monsters in history had a four legged pooch. So I wonder how anyone can just walk by and not give a damn about someone weaker than you, made for them treat their best friend this way?

I am not to answer this, since this would be a study in pathological psychopathy.

I am here to get others open their eyes as this clip and many others have opened mine. I guess I feel more like the downtrodden. Maybe some memories from my last ten years have started to catch up with me.

Sponsor a dog.  Help save a life!

I have found 10 dogs I will sponsor as soon as the proceeds from my latest translation comes in.  400 Euros of my 700 Euro payment will goThat is if Linguafield and Natalia Arriba will still have the privilege to call themselves human with an ounce od honor…

I will keep you posted on this! Because something went wrong, and now they are up in hysteria, and makes me worried about having to postpone to go through with sponsoring some wonderful dogs and perhaps adopt one. They are about to find out what it’s like to piss off  writer by screwing him!






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