EU & Afghanistan’s women

Crimes against morality and banned films

It seems that EU officials are more concerned about having a good relationship with the Bush appointed puppet Karzai than actually helping the women of Afghanistan.

They ban films under the guise of “protecting the women” in prison in Afghanistan. In the meantime, they have young kids in uniform going around in the Afghani countryside “spreading democracy” and “fighting terrorism” against villagers whom have never so much as to ever hearing about 9.11 or Bin Laden, protecting opium poppies to be sent to a Europe, where the receivers will be subject to European and American justice department for using a drug that their soldiers are protecting for child molesting war lords!
Does this mean that EU is nothing more than a de facto Orwellian dictatorship that allows mistreatment of women in a country that Bush convinced EU was a terrorist rogue state?
I guess rape victims in a country that neither EU or USA cares shit about except for having pipelines through is not important enough for the warhawks. I can only come to the conclusion that EU and US officials hate Afghani women more than they hate opium growers, and their corrupt officials in Afghanistan.
Which reminds me. I found a little GEM somewhere about some of the attitudes amongst Christian fundies in the “freest country on earth”.

Maybe EU officials should adopt a biblical policy toward rape and rape victims?

This is one fundies take on it. Maybe Christian zealots have more in common with islamic zealots than we realized?

If a law forces rapists to marry their victims, then perhaps the number of rapes will decline to near zero. What’s more, if the law requires rapists to pay fifty shekels of silver to the father, this could indeed equate to the death penalty if the rapist hasn’t saved toward his bride’s future. Thus, we have narrowed down the field of rapists who marry their victims to only those who have saved for their “brides” future. If the girl happens to be ugly, he is required to marry her anyway. Again, this stipulation will help narrow the field further since potential rapists will be motivated to think before acting. Thirdly, if one “selects” his wife through means of rape, then he’ll never be able to divorce her even if “she” turns out to be a transvestite. The law is putting so many roadblocks into the potential rapist’s path, and causing him to think, I would guess most potential rapists would opt for the easier path of waiting for a willing partner. Thus, such a society could easily exceed the American society in quality by many fold.

[Bold mine]

Alan Clarke, Debunking Christianity 162 Comments [7/16/2009 10:57:14 AM]


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