A message to OWS

There are forces in America whom are drumming the war drums. Not only against you, but against a country that has never posed a threat to you.
They seem to never have enough. Have you noticed something?
Whenever “they” have problems with the voice of you, the people, they seem to conjur up another spook from underneath the bed they can scare you off with.
Now, here’s the deal! I have met some Iranian dissidents! One told me his story! As much as he hates his own suppressive government, he is not a fan of USA either. He does not hate you. He hates a US. Government for they have been doing in the Middle East for the last 60 years, as well as the diplomatic cronyism between the two countries.
It’s because theocratic America seem to share the same kind of morals as the ayatollah regime in Tehran.
Support now, the dissidents in Iran, as they face the same suppression from their regime, as you face the cops owned by Americans for prosperity, FOX, GOP, and PNAC, together with a bunch of religious fringe groups whom looks to seize power, and keep it that way, imposing an unconstitutional theocracy, where freedom is being dictated by religious dogmas!
You should have forced Obama to hold Bush, Cheney, and the whole PNAC gang accountable 2 years ago! That way, wars cannot be started based on loose allegations, and paranoia, and greed! They wage war on greed, and power! They sell it to you with fear, loathing, and paranoia!
Time is running out!
I am a simple, poor writer from Viking land! Norway! Though I have travelled around enough, and written enough, and read enough to see where things are going!
It’s time for you to stick it out, and gather together forces unprecedented since the Vietnam War!
To the Tea-partiers: You are either with OWS, or you are with the 1%! You are either with the people, or you are with the 37 tax evading corporations who wouldn’t mind dumping their garbage in your back yard if given the chance! Oh, that’s right! The Koch brothers are already doing that!
Your choice is simple! And OWS has drawn the line in the sand!
Best regards


2 responses to “A message to OWS

  1. The world leaders have a plan which calls for anger, hatred, war and battle. Once the bombing on the twin towers the war has proceeded to gulf the world. United States has become a source of ammo for Mexico, building other countries roads and cleaning up the bombing from other countries, feeding their children and resulting in debt that places the United States and the citizens: poor – like all the countries that have hated us, envied our freedom: yet wanted to come and then naturally tried to change us to be like the country they came from. Name one country that had natural disaster which some people from the United States have not come to help YOU in other countries. Become thankful, recognize that the United States could long ago have bombed all of the other countries that cause havoc on themselves and neighbors, well done what the Islamic teach their people
    to do for reward, the reward will be in HELL.

  2. Believing that USA is hated for its freedom is quite naive. You say that you don’t wanna be “changed”, yet your leaders want to change the world and impose your socalled values with guns, bombs, and the corruption of business and government other places.

    The country that has caused the most havoc in the world since WW2 is United States.

    Recognise your government as bedfellows off special business interests and the 400 richest families in America. Why do you think that these get the politicians ears at all times, while OWS are normal people are being treated as thugs.

    Keep on dreaming in your dreamworld. And for Christs sake, learn something about other countries without bombing them first!

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