bureaucrats – Sorry, soulless pissants!

I just cane back to Norway 4 weeks ago, For many of you, that seems like a long time if you’ve been on a week binge in Costa Diahorrea.

Having been abroad for a year and a half, you feel as if you’ve been on another planet.

Memories are invading my third eye while I’m having a beer, talking to friends about the trip, and the blunt is kicking in.

For a small moment, I realize what my government wants to do to me. They want to lock me up for carrying my medicine with me where ever I go. It’s what George Carlin says: «I always have a joint somewhere!»

I am paying the price of writing these days. Whenever I think that things are looking a bit better, there is a big beast that remind you chasing you down, demanding blind and fearful submission.

It’s the beast of soulless, spiritless decrees that reminds me of my own fuck- ups.

They want to punish me for carrying around with me the medicine that keeps me from punching their faces after smashing an empty whiskey bottle over their empty heads.

Speaking to them is like speaking to robots. I wonder if it’s an actual person relieving my communication, or a press button that someone press on to reply with the voice of an automatic answering machine.

Living in an Orwellian world where corrupt bureaucrats rule, and politicians are spouting out the same garbage as they did the last election, giving us the illusion of freedom, while maniacs run wild with guns, the bureaucrats and the professional liars and power mongers seem to not like people getting high instead of drunk.

My country does not feel like my country anymore. Earlier writers warned about this. Even then, mine and their country was not ours anymore. I wonder if it ever was. I wonder if the same psychotic rulers, and their spiritless pissants rule now as they did then.

They are ants. And they piss in the nest that they squat in while bereaving others of their freedom.

Writer Nils Kjær once wrote about ants. He somehow admired their stamina and their ingenuity.. Seemingly all focusing on one thing. Feeding their fat queen, while killing anyone stands in their way. And they do these things automatically. That’s probably why he also despised them.

While I was a kid, I used to pull the legs off of these mindless creatures, and then stomp on them.


Because I was pissed off about something, and I wanted to stump on stupidity.

Now, I am the ant. Being stumped on by a big kid.


Because the kid is a sadistic bastard whom loves to pluck the wings off flies, and rip off ants legs just to see what happens.

A kid whom evolves, gand moves on from this evil practice. The kid will grow up, experience things and see things in a different way.

The kid whom does not evolves, stays in the same simple minded neurosis of fear and loathing, while repeating the same leg picking just to see if there will be a different reaction from another pissant.

Some of these becomes buearocrats. The ones above them become rulers. They do not allow any dissent from their rules of repetition.

That’s when they send in the soldier ants in, to rip apart the dissenters.

In the human world, we usually lock each other up….



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