What’s wrong with America?

I once started with a a small series of articles about what is wrong with Ireland.

Ireland is just a small European symptom of America! Corrupt, indifferent, and strung out on the national drug: Alcohol, weed and pubs!

What is happening in Greece, should be happening in Ireland as well! And is long overdue in America! A gory revolution where an informed population armed to the teeth with Truth drags out the criminal thugs out of their high and mighty offices on Capital Hill, and different governor mantions around the country, showing them the way to the guillotines. Even though I am not American, I might as well have been. My country have been a lapdog ever since the «stay-behind» groups after WW2. And what is Americas business my business? I make it my fucking business!

I was once in love with America. As I grew up in the Reagan era, I was blinded by the neon signs og McDonald's, Disney and Hollywood movies. Somehow equating this to my childhood heros Geronimo, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. How sadly was I mistaking. It must have been my year in shitkicker country Kansas that woke me up. Which was like moving straight into a different time, and into a movie set of a High School movie where all the right characters were present. And the fundie churches that was spread around in the one whore town – Horton! And yes! If there might have been a whore there, I guess the biggest whores was the preachers, and the hich school principal. A spineless bastard named McAfee. Or was it the American politics teacher whom loved to put Norway in his Polish jokes in my presence while bragging about his Nazi flag?

So what is truly wrong with America, besides from the social injustice, the indoctrination and stupifying the public with simpelton slogans from the Cold War?

THIS is what is wrong with America! Bill Hicks and George Carlin was right!

The Teaparty is just a symptom. A RW reaction of a fair election lost to a «Kenyan» whom ran on Healthcare. The other problem is either spineless Democrats, or corrupt democrats. Finding an honest politican with integrity on Capitol Hill is as easy as for Jacques Cousteau finding a dry spot in the ocean! The ones that is or was, has either been ousted from office for some insignifigant Twitter «scandal», or are on their way to become corrupt, or have been silenced on other ways, or lost elections for telling the truth.

As much as the de facto two-party system has become a threat to their democracy, while their foreign policies can be equated with Lebensraum and Manifest Destiny on steroids. America is an emploding empire. Where their priorities are benefitting the 400 richest families, the oil industry, the military industrial complex, and other corporate entities, they are represented by a longer and longer list of notified public figures whose agenda is consolidating power. And Obama seem to have been bought and paid for! From being a basketball player, he spends his spare time on the golf course!

Like said, the list grows longer and longer. New faces of corrupt criminals that the propagandachannel FOX is either ignoring, defending or praising.

The usual suspects need no introduction.

We know about the insanity of Sarah Palin, Michell Bachman, John Boehner (pronounced boner), Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnel, Jim DeMint (election rigger of South Carolina), Lindsay Graham (noted for exposing himself as a corporate whore for the oil industry, and probably a screaming queen homosexual), GWB, Karl Rove, Scooter Libby (convicted felon and traitor), Dick Cheney, Will Kristol (PNAC spin meister and neocon), and other talking heads on FOX, their legacy seem to live on.
Their big wet dream is to steal your Social Security and Medicare funds to spend on endless wars, oil subsidies, spying on you and everyone whom might be a dissenting voice against their Fascist agenda: They want to slash public schools, unions, housing for the poor, traumatized veterans, which in their eyes is «Big government socialist spending», GOP do have their priorities documented. They want big government their style when in power. Keep lying when they are not in power. Thinking that housing for the poor, or aide to poor families to get them fed is wasteful, Big Government spending with a nasty Socialist theme over it. Yet they have no problem in giving Wall Street 700 billion dollars, the oil industry 40 billion dollars, or spending almost 60% of the national budget on the military, or giving themselves huge government handouts when it serves there own agenda. Raising taxes on the richest whom don’t need the extended tax cuts is suddenly «punishing» the poor rich in the mindset of a Republican. Slashing SS, Medicare is «necessary» because they are both broke. Slashing food programmes, salaries, and raising taxes on workers are «shared sacrifice».
They also love to have the big Government to invade people’s privacy. Wether it be drugs, sexuality, marriage or abortion. They only care aboout fetuces. They want live babies to grow up to be dead soldiers! From you are born until you are 18, you are nothing but an expense and a nuisance to them! And if you smoke weed in the meantime, you will be in the infamous NWO order lingua of Bush sr. punished! It doesn’t matter about booze or cigarettes. Get caught with a bag of weed, and you are in the eyes of the RWers a criminal whom belongs in prison!
GOP want to redistribute what is left of Americas wealth into their own pockets. And they want a nation of obedient workers. They hate freethinkers and dissidents! And as long as their paradigm still exist, they will probably deny me entry to America if they ever read these lines! USA have become just like Soviet Russia! Besides, I love my weed! I would love to smoke the same weed as George Washington did for his own tooth aches. Getting stoned on George Washington weed!

Yet they are using an Orwellian lingua together with the old Joseph Goebbels like slogans as patriotism, the flag, the Founding Fathers, and the bible together with gunslinger rhetorics. I guess Jesus is Wyatt Earp and/or John Wayne having Betsy Ross wrapped around him, eh? Fact is that the GOP agenda can be traced back to the days when Granddaddy Bush funded Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party. And they have been working a lot smarter since the WW2. Now, they are exposed for anyone with still two working brain cells and are able to put two and two together.

So whom are these new faces of criminal psychopaths? First, how do I know they are psychopaths? Simple arithmetic! Studies shows that 2 out of 100 persons have psychopathic traits. 1 out of 4 leaders, whether they are CEOs or politicians or dictators have these psychopathic traits.

And they are easy to spot. Specially when they get the spotlight from both RW propaganda TV and rational proper news outlets.

I want to take a little closer look at what consequences of the policies that GOP with John Boehner in the lead want to implement in their corporate dictatorship of America.

Who do you think John Boner represents? Everyday people? Or his corporate friends? Take a guess!

The new faces of RW extremism who’s gotten into power have a dangerous agenda. Let’s have a look!

Scott Walker.

Wisconsin wannabe dictator. A whoreboy for the insane, and greedy Koch brothers. He hates union workers, teachers and others whom might not vote for him the next time. That’s why he’s been implementing an expensive election law that would cost more than 5 million dollars in order to make it harder for liberals to get elected. He stoops to new levels of low to cling to power. It’s understandable however. He knows that he might face criminal charges of corruption when losing office. And he knows that the only one not hating him in his state is the imported tea-party Express buses, and some corporatist.

Rick Scott.

Another known criminal who’s got Florida in his hands. Who the hell votes for a criminal and fraudster? How did he rig the election? His scam ran out of private for-profit health industry. Now, he wants to force everyone to go to his health company for healthcare. I guess the 300 million dollars he scammed out of poor suckers isn’t enough, eh?

On top of that, he wants to drug test people on welfare, and public workers. So much for privacy and the 4th Amendment. This is one of many signs that the GOP doesn’t give a damn about the Constitution.

Chris Christie.

New Jersey governor whom hates public school teachers, and loves the private schools that funded his campaign. I bloated over eaten bully whom looks a bit like «The King of Queens» but without the charm, nor the sense of humor. Though both Dick Cheney, FOX and other loonies worship the ground he walks on. That notion alone should ring gigantic warning bells all over. The reason why he wants to destroy public education, is that amongst his biggest contributors are private chartered schools. I guess they want their piece of the pie called public money, eh?

Rick Perry.

Self proclaimed prophet of Texas. Probably won the governors seat thanks to megachurches and social conservatism and dirty money from the oil industry.. «Social Conservatism» is just a code word for RW agenda to have a big government to intervene in people’s private lives based on fake values, and bronze age (biblical) morality. He has spoken several times about Texas seceding. And this is supposed to be a GOP patriot? How moronic must one be to believe in one single word what the professional liars and traitors are touting your senses with?

Paul Ryan.

An obvious hypocrite whom forces his staff to read another psycho, Ayn Rand. Once a welfare recipient, whom now wants to deny others the same benefits that he received when he was a free- loading brat, and not only a fetus. All Rwers darling: «Libetarians» and cluster cells. He wants to slash Medicare, but only for people under 55. A new meme he has been using since his agenda was exposed. Still have the nerve to accuse Liberals of scaring senior citizens, and blames the Democrats for wanting to destroy Medicare, while that’s exactly what he plans to do. Anyone taking his words as face value and truth must have intelligence suppressant and/or Prozac in their drinking water.

The Koch Brothers.

They may not be elected officials. They do have their vampire octopus arms around the GOP. Corrupting anyone, or scaring anyone coming within their reach. When GOP talks about «punishing» hard working people whom need to keep more of their «hardearned money» instead of participating in the shared sacrifice, is it the Koch brothers they have in mind? Have the Koch brothers ever done an honest days work in their lives? How did they get so rich? Did they start with two empty hands? No! They didn’t! They are the spoiled brats and heirs of the founder of the Birch society. A blueprint of the old Nazi scare tactics against the «red scare» from the East.

Vern Buchanan. (R) Florida.

He is a doozy, isn’t he, this Vern Buchanan?

A so-called rising star within the GOP, and a vice chairman of Finance for RNC. While all GOP and FOX is all wind up about Weiners Twitter «scandal» where no criminal activity has taken place, yet both Republicans and spineless Democrats calls for his resignation, Vern Buchanan is now being investigated for real crimes. This character once owned a car dealership in Florida. He is being investigating for using this car dealership to finance his campaign that got him elected. He is suspected for illegally having his employees to contribute to his campaign well over the limit. And then pressuring these employees reimbursed for these contributions. Off course, the clown himself blames his former partner for this crime, or blaming «disgruntled» employees.

So there you have it folks! Is this something that is typical of the Republican Party?

If we also take a long and hard look at the 1st and 2nd tier GOP candidates, for the 2012 election, it may seem so. Though Democrats have turned into GOP Lite, and GOP has gone into an insane asylum.
This is also a list that will make your eyes big and wet. You don’t know whether you want to laugh or cry.

Even the moderator seem to have problems telling them apart. Besides from asking them questions about boy bands, and reality TV shows, the candidates was droning on the same old tea party slogan rhetorics.

You decide! «Obamacare»? Is that the HC reform that you, the GOP managed to water down just because Obama wanted to play nice with you? This scene makes me really wonder whose team Obama is really on.

The same brain dead talking points once again. And it seems that some of their candidates are completely ignorant or oblivious to the Constitution. And cannot differentiate between the Declaration of Independence and the actual Constitution.

GOP has also spiked their campaign ads.

This is a small reminder of what «Family values» means in real life for Republicans. And yes! It is closer to the truth than an actual GOP campaign ad!

Newt Gingrich is in there. Isn’t that the guy whom wasted 50 million tax dollars investigating Clinton for adultery while he was cheating on his sick 2nd wife? What I find hilarious is that GOPs sex scandals, gay sex seems to be the norm. How people lead their lives is none of my business. But when homophobic RWers get caught with their pants down with another mans penis in their mouths or up their ass, then it is my business. Specially when these freaks are the Christian «moral majority family men».

And then we have the evil twin brother of Uncle Tom, Herman Caine whom definitely do not know the Constitution, nor its content. A fucking ignorant clown whom apparently bears some resentment of the land of his ancestors.

Michelle Bachman’s McCarthyist agenda might come back to haunt her. She has received both public funding (government handout in the GOP lingua – except for when a conservative gets them), as well as contributions from RW fringe groups. CNN thought she was a more worthy candidate than Gary Johnson of New Mexico. Whom in this heat of insanity seems to be the most reasonable one besides Ron Paul. Michelle Bachman took his place in the 2nd GOP debate. I guess two reasonable persons in one room full of loonies would be too much to handle for CNN.

Gary Johnson After getting Cannabis treatment for cancer, he have started speaking up for legalisation of Cannabis. At least ending that war will save 60 billion dollars a year. And will get tax revenues doubling up! I do not care if Pharmas, Tobacco and alcohol industry goes belly up! They are state licensed drug pushers themselves! Now, he was pushed out in the cold due to the horniness of the CNN producers and executives.

Tim Pawlenty.

Who the hell is Tim Pawlenty? Can anyone with their right mind envision a President Tim Pawlenty? The name alone screams out cartoon character. Or some sitcom from the 60’s with a goofball of a dad with 10 thumbs, three of the up his nose, a hammer in his ass and a nail through his foot. As far as I know, he is one of those religionists morons whom thinks that Thomas Jefferson & co. Was a bunch of evangelicals whom spoke in tongues every Friday and Sunday.


Rick Santorum.

A «Family Man» whom would himself have resigned if caught sending out the same gag on Twitter as Antony Weiner did. That is bullshit, and we know it. He helped trying to warn his GOP buddy John Ensign about to be exposed in another sex scandals which also involved criminal activity.

Fact is that if a Republican would be caught fisting kittens in front of Capitol Hill, high on methamphetamine, FOX Reichwing Propaganda Channel wouldn’t care. They are too busy bashing strong liberal voices. ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN as dittoheads would follow suit. The only reasonable voices can be found on MSNBC. For the time being!

Mitt Romney.

I really want to bash his religion. But that would be like blowing up an already open door. What is frightening, is that 3 years ago, his magic underwear statement sounds almost normal in todays GOP climate.

Ron Paul. The only one seemingly normal in the gang of manics. The fact that Jesse Ventura would put stock in him is a reason good enough alone to give him the benefit of the doubt. Though, he’s got some explaining to do regarding covering yet another 15 million uninsured Americans and get them access to decent healthcare. I wonder if he still remembers his Hippocratic oath, or if he has thrown that one out with the bath water, having wet dreams about Ayn Rand.

What is the difference between the RW and LW rhetorics during the last 2 years?

Let us have a little look, shall we?

I guess covering 45 million people whom are uninsured is cruelty to both the ones whom are covered, as well as the rich, eh? Maybe it’s an evil Socialist plot to take from the rich and give to the poor?

GOPs playbook is a blueprint of Adolfs playbook!

«Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, eventually the will believe it! If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will of the be believed. The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one. The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.Trhough clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.
All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach. As soon as by one’s own propaganda even a glimpse of right on the other side is admitted, the cause of doubting one’s own right is laid. I use emotion for the many, and reserve reason for the few. Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong. It is not truth that matters, but victory.»

This is what GOP has done since Harry Anslinger, Granddaddy Bush, McCarthy, Nixon and Reagan. Now, that playbook after Bush is on steroids. But their 1st tier candidates don’t even sound credible anymore.
What is ironic, is that the latter would flunk the litmus test of GOP today. Yet they still worship the old senile B-actor like a prophet.

They keep on playing the same meme during the tea-party rallyies. Scaring up the people. Calling the Public Option «Socialism»! «Obamacare». «Obamas Death Panels». They hate the notion that normal people should get the same access to government-run healthcare as they do.

They have told the lie about taxes. Democrats will raise the taxes. GOP will lower the taxes. GOP only wants to lower the taxes for the rich, and raise it for all the others. That is something they do not tell their brainwashed constituents.

They have played the game very well. I saw that already in the late 80’s when going to school there myself. I can only imagine what mindset that dominates over there now. I can only get an impression from following the news closely. Listening to the playbook that is being played. While GOP is pressing on like bullies. The Democrats cave in as spineless wimps. And you have Democrats that votes with the Republicans out of pure cowards or corruption.

This is how America have become militarized and more of a danger to world peace than Russia, North Korea, Iran, and all the other countries put together. Yet before that time, America will implode under the weight of its own power, corruption, and lack of concern for the welfare of their own people.
Sure! They can afford a 17 billion dollar increase in military spending! But they can’t afford to give homeless students a place to live, a hot meal and school books.
I guess they only serve these kids the Horatio Alger myth, while keeping 99% of the pie for themselves.There’s an old joke about that.

A corporatist has one union worker and one non union worker at his table. He takes 9 out of 10 slices for himself, and says to the non union worker: Better watch out for that other fella. He wants your piece of pie!

This is what will be Americas downfall. Soon people will wake up from their Kool-Aid sleep and react. And the reaction will come hard. The ones who will lose their lives on it, is first the poor. But with any poetic justice, all the GOP reps. And corrupt power mongers will suffer the same fate as Marie Antoinette whom told the proles to eat cake. They will be held accountable as long as there will be more and more people whom are well-informed, and gather together enough courage to stand up to the thugs whom wants to keep them down.

Maybe that’s what GOP and the richest are preparing for now. Militarizing the police who can stop any riot directed towards them. Keeping the proles weak, scared and ignorant.

But that will only postpone Americas downfall a little bit. It will first eat their own, and then they will turn on each other.

They may have won a small battle by taking out Alan Grayson and Anthony Weiner. But only a short while. New strong voices will come on stage and chew up the lying corrupt bastards for breakfast. GOP will again try to resort to Karl Rove tactics. But by this time, people will have gotten smart about it. And will not devour their lies anymore. Not even when they try to push Baby Jesus, the flag and the Constitution in front of them.

The end of 2012 will be a D Day of judgement in ways we do not know yet. But I do not think that the GOP will tolerate another defeat unless they get Obama completely over on to the dark side. Yet only time will tell how this D Day will occur. I do predict a new all out civil war that will tear America apart in the near future. And it will bring down half the world with it in the fall….



5 responses to “What’s wrong with America?

  1. Keerist! You just about covered EVERYTHING that is rotten to the core over here! Your last statement about the future civil war which will affect 1/2 of the rest of the world is especially incisive. I wish it weren’t so but unfortunately, that will be the only thing that can fix this mess over here. Nothing else will ever work. It’s a fact of history. People only react when their backs are to the wall and our backs are now brushing up against that wall.

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