Bohemianwriter1 needs your support

100 years ago there was no Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs whom dealt out grants to writers and artists whom the government deemed worthy. There was something called patrons – generous benefactors of artists. Rich people who stuffed the pockets of writers such as Olaf Bull and Helge Krog full of hundred korner bills, while they wandered around in Paris’s streets, flat broke. Some patron could meet them in the street, and stuff their gills with wads of cash. They went to Monaco to try to break the bank off course.

Is there such patrons today?

As travelers Mack living from week to week, trying to conjure up stories that concerns all of us, needs your help, so he can continue his relentless battle against government stupidity, lies and abuse. Some Marie Amalie I’m not. Nor do I have a host of sympathetic journalists who write my tear jerks about an unjust society or an inhumane paper pusher in some immigratioin department. Nor have I risked forced expulsion from any country. But life on the road can be tough enough in any way. Just ask Seasick Steve. The new king of hobo blues.

Long have I dreamed of living a life of an adventurer. Sometimes there’s solvency in abundance, sometimes in subsistence, where the Caravan of the Damned is just around the corner. This is one of those times.

When I write my stories, I take the reader on a journey that few are bestowed. And fewer actually describes.

And the writing I does not come free. It has its price. The story from last weekend took a lot of energy out of me. And I`m not bucking to run for office. Wealthy parties whose only agenda is to get into power and screw you over, evangelical megachurches shamelesly begs on prime time TV to get their hands on an elderly womans social sceruity cheque, forcing her to eat catfood for the rest of the month so that the Preacher can “spread the word of God”…

Such stories deserve their contributions …

For those who want, all donations be welcomed:

Bohemianwriter1 Foundation for Monstering and Truth.

Gifts and donations can be sent to Nordea account no 6039 11 80795, or go to “About me” and pay throuch my paypal acct through the email adress listed there.

All donations will be noticed and praised will be written about the benevolent patrons …



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