A Message to Jim deMint!

As I am more into getting into the Irish illness, and many other things, you just caught my attention!

So I suggest you take the potatoe dirt out of your ears and pay some attention!

Jim DeMint! Are you listening?

You keep talking in samples again! Samples that is cheeper than a can of Coke! And more disgusting as a Goebbels speech on the speed!

Your values are theocratic fascism! Your values resemble the dictatorship of Saudi Arabia! Your values are of 1984!
You do not believe in freedom! You do not believe in integrity! You do not believe in Goodness! You believe in corporate control! You believe in indoctrination; rape of the human mind by religious garbage! You believe in corruption! You believe in theft! You believe in war! You believe in murder! You believe in greed!
You have a moralite of a slug! And we know you rigged the S.C election! You are a criminal whom should be put in prison!

I have one suggestion for you before Revolution will be rammed down your throat and up your ass! Crawl back under the rock where you came from! Sun will soon rise! We all know what happens to trolls whom stay out when the first ray of light hit trolls, don’t you?



3 responses to “A Message to Jim deMint!

  1. who the fuck is this guy? and why is he such a fucking asshole? i’m going to do some research on this mother fucker. and let him know who the fuck he is talking to. I might be dumb but i’m not stupid ,

    • The S.C. election for the senate was a joke. DeMint ran against a retard called Al Green. I’m not going racial here, since I hate racism, this joker looked and acted like Buckwheat coming straight from the cotton field.
      Look at the numbers. Look at the locations.

      Bizarroland seem pretty normal at times when the Republicans are on the campaign trails, and running for office…

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