Obamanation in Ireland


Two days ago, Obama came to town. And boy was the circumstances different from when the welfare queen was in town. Last week, my street was completely shut down by police. Heavy security measures, and clamp downs on all protests. This time, it seemed as there was a rock star coming to town.
Now,things were different. My street was jam-packed with people. Whether they were waiting to get a glimpse of the “Kenyan” or to get a glimpse of Westlife and the Jerkward brothers is hard to tell.
Both irritated me immensely. Because I hate boy bands, and I wish I hade a press pass and a smart way to ask Barack a few questions. I was also irritated because I couldn’t get access to my favorite American diner called “EAT”.
And I was getting the munchies after my fast, and my morning joint.

So Barry, if you should ever read this, I have some questions for you!
Do you think that war is peace, and waging more wars have made you deserve your peace price?

Why have you not closed Gitmo?

Why do you still have Bradley Manning in custody while the real criminals is still at large?

Why is he in prison while Scooter Libby is living it up despite the fact that he is a recorded traitor?

Why are you still clamping down on marijuana patients and kids, making them criminals?

Why have you not put Wall Street in front of a Grand jury?

Why are you still imposing the Orwellian “Patriot Act”?

Why did you waste almost 18 months trying to please a rabid GOP whom are openly hellbent on destroying you no matter what you do?

At least you were sport enough to accept a Guinness in your ancestral pub in Moneygall as the welfare queen declined. I call that dark gold as mothers milk. Excellent warm-up for a joint!

Can we play poker sometime?
I need the money!


No! I didn’t bother listening to your speech. Politicians giving speeches always makes me cringe. Politicians giving speeches have a tendency to fuck up my day…


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