Warning Dublin – The Welfare Queen is in Town!

Make sure she will not apply for funding to heat her castles in England!

Right outside my hotel, there is a huge gathering of police forces. The street is shut off. Protestors are gathring, trying to get near the castle. That would require a few tanks. What would they say or do if they got in touch with the old granny anyway? Say she’s a bad person? Representing an ancient institution whose wealth rests on a world of labour and servitude?

For the first time since the year dot, when kings and queens of England was using Ireland as one giant plantation, an English queen is coming on a state visit to Ireland. A visit that is bound to create a certain extent of controversy. Personally I couldn’t care less.

Though many would disagree with me. Specially the Irish nationalists whom still cannot let bygones be bygones. I equate these “nationalists” something similar to Sarah Palins Teaparty.

Ireland is in the shitter. Multinational companies have their safe tax haven. Political crooks are being punished by losing elections. Corrupt businessmen is living it up somewhere else with someone elses money. And what does Ireland do? Spend millions on the visit for a welfare queen whom once applied for funds from a poverty foundation to keep all her castles warm! And now, she is putting a burden on the police, the Irish state, and the people itself. And rousing up emotions still lingering from the 1920’s.

Personally, I couldn”t give a shit. But as an American expatriot told me, most Irish are sheep! They don’t need a foreign queen to blame for their own misery. They should blame themselves for putting in the same political drones each and every election.

Maybe that’s why writers like James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw and others left the island.
Why Patrick Kavanagh never left after being barred from half the pubs in Dublin, while being shunned in the small towns he lived in every now and then is beyond me…

Today, there is a welfare queen in town, making a whole city stand on its head, shutting down public areas as in a police state. Eating at the castle at someone elses expence.
Wonder how much this cost, and how much of that the inept bankers are willing to pay to kiss her feet. How do majestic feet from a jurassic age smell after being kissed by corrupt politicians and corporatists?

I would raize my eyebrows if W.B. Yeats rose from his grave to great the oldie…



7 responses to “Warning Dublin – The Welfare Queen is in Town!

  1. How do majestic feet from a jurassic age smell after being kissed by corrupt politicians and corporatists?

    Hehe..maybe her feet eventually will rot away. Behold, the leper queen crumble and wither on the throne

  2. Another good piece, Morten.
    I also couldnt give a shite about her visit, but it has come at a bad time with the country crippled with debt and emotions running high.
    What a ridiculous amount spent on security alone!
    Her face always has that look of someone having just sniffed something bad….maybe its her 85 year old jurasic feet! : D

    • Well today I was a bit pissed! I was two hours late for getting stoned today!

      Why? I was doing business today, and needed to unwind!

      And Queen shitforbrains whom couldn’t even have a sip of Guinness held me up for hours to blow my my brains out to become a genious in the freakiest bar in Dublin!

      I sence that one line written in this column is going to become a classic….

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