All plants should be legal!

For many thousands of years, mankind have been a part of nature. Only the last millenias there’s been a war on nature .First in the name of organized religion, then in the name of metal and wheels, and we distanced ourselves from nature as if it was something evil to be shunned. For many thousands of years we have come in touch with ourselves, nature, the universe and the mysteries of life and death. Until laws, prohibition and prisons came to enslave the free human mind.

Do any of my “faithful” readers need an insight in this?

We are living in a world and a consumer society that is not sustainable for the human race. We are being drugged down by pharma pills, numbed by alcohol and cigarettes, and officially denied plants from nature that is medicine.

Oil, gas and coal industry, bankers, stock brokers, politicians are screwing us up while they have the military industrial complex and the legal system to keep us down. And they have criminalized us for using plants to see through their lies, deception and crimes.

When I grew up, I was indoctrinated to demonize a plant. Even the symbol of this plant was frowned upon like it was a Swastika.
Just like the Swastika, the symbol of Hemp have been distorted into its complete opposite meaning.

It took me a trip to India to realize that the roots of the Swastika came not from Germany, and it was not hatched out of the mind of a mediocre painter and megalomaniac and his ilk.

It took me many more years to realize that the illegal symbol og Hemp is a symbol of medicine. Of growing plants. Of nature. Of getting deeper into the core of things. It takes not any biblical verses, nor the beautiful lines of poetry to understand a bit more. It takes the knowledge of this plant to teach you. On both good and bad. We learn something about ourselves and the world by using this plant. And many other plants!

Salvia Divonorum! All psilocybin mushroom! Cannabis! DMT!

Hell! They subverted the mushrooms into simple LSD! Don’t get me wrong! LSD have done good things for me! It hasn’t done anything bad at least! The result of my LSD trip was seeing colors and love! A poem that ended up in a gallery in Belfast!

To use the pure plant should not give any worse than this!

Salvia Divonorum opened new doors of perception of reality for me. You are seeing yourself sitting in an old haunted room open up like an accordion. The portals are open. Now you must muster courage to take that step inside all these new doors. The world have become four-dimensional. Now, if you dare to walk through that first portal, you will see it all from another side. Lie down and shut your eyes if you need, you are in no danger. Relax, and let it all pass through.

You will wake up later, and see the world just like you used to. But with one experience richer. Native American tribes in mid Latin America used to chew these plants. That is how they got their visions.


The most benign medicine of all plants. And the most useful. As some would call all cannabis users for egocentric bastards whom only want to break the law and get our high, the high is a bonus! For the hundreds of other uses for this plant, the medicine in it is unprecedented. Both recorded as well as anecdotal.

I have never heard of any manic-depressive complain about the effect of cannabis. Drug one down in a half a dozen pills a day and use music therapy, does not necessary make one happier, or getting improved cognitive skills.

I believe that a cannabis therapy would work a lot better than most drugs that are being dealt out to helpless patients.

Coca leaves!

For the sake of all! This is a plant that has been used by Indios for thousands of years in South America! And by Papillion! When running from the police and prison guards from Colombia, he learned th eat those plants to get endurance! Today, it’s been pulverized into something ugly! CIA have smuggled tons of this pulverized extracts from this plant into USA, and probably many other places.
Amphetamines is the poor mans cocaine. And it’s all synthetic! It’s a pure pharma drug!.Many housewife and American up and coming business mans favorite drug. Keeps you all up until you all come down. Too much self-confidence can be harming. Amphetamine is the bastard drug of Coca Leaves. Fuck the nature, eh?

Heroin!/ Opium!

Every single hospital have many opiates. They chose away heroin, and created some pretty pathetic bunch of petty criminals, whores, homeless, and gutter rats, did they not? They created patients into these scum by a stroke of a pen, and a hell of a lot of scare tactics. When Lord Byron was chasing the Dragon in his own castle, writing poetry and screwing girls, England was fighting for free trade of opium while they punished poor people in England for having a dram of Gin. Now, people are dying on the street, being punished for actually being patients! Not criminals!

The hypocrisy is staggering. And very few, if any in power dares to speak up the truth. More and more government pid experts are turning sides. For me, it has been a long journey to become pro legalization.

Using plants for own use is not a legal issue. It is a human rights issue. legality should not even be in the picture. Can someone deny you to smoke your own grass that is growing in your back yard?

Only if that grass would make you high they would! They only want you drunk, aggressive with hyper tensity and nervousness from the coffee! To keep you submissive for your boss!

Perfect key for explosive crimes! Like wars! Gang rapes! Power abuse! Voter fraud! Paranoia!! Anxiety!
Which will lead to more patients, more inmates, more depressions!

On top of that, governments around Europe and the world wants you to smoke weed, and cultivate it. Is this a scheme to stop unemploymence of inept police officers?

They want you to be lobotomized zombies.

Instead, I want to introduce you to a true wise man!

My next journey into psychedelia will be Peyote and DMT…



7 responses to “All plants should be legal!

  1. i never heard of someone dying from smoking to much weed.They won’t legalize it because they can’t get rich from it,Because everyone would grow their own, like they should.

    • Growing ones own weed seem to be the great scare for power brokers, Big Pharma, the tobacco industry and the alcohol industry, and other entities that have gotten rich off the big lie we call prohibition…

      • yeah your right ,I don’t know what i was thinking. thanks , I’m going to smoke another bowlfull, maybe i’ll come up with something better,

      • As Jello Biafra would have said it: GROW MORE POT!

        The same thing as Marc Emery have said. Grow weed everywhere! Grow in the gardens of the mayor, the police chief, the DA, the prison wards, the parliament, the congress, the White House, on the lawn, in the closet, and up the hills….

  2. Hey Morten,
    Pass the dutchie then! : D
    Speaking of LSD , you can hop on a bus and be in the Dublin mountains, in less than an hour from the City where the mushrooms grow in abundance.
    They want to keep us as sheeple, programmed to think, act and do what they say.
    While the bored housewives, depressives,mental and physically ill have to wait patiently in the Doctors surgery for them to play God and dish it out ‘legally’.
    Got any rizla’s? ; P

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