Bin Laden dead? And updates…

Anyone who wants to believe that he was suddenly found dead, please, stand on your head!

It just so happens to be a little well recieved fact that he was already dependant on heavy hospital equipment in order to just stay alive as far back as the summer of 2001.

Yet after that, you morons saw “him” on footage in the Afghan mountains like he was Gandalf the Grey.

My take is that one of his stunt doubles were found dead.

Not much, just a hunch.

If anything, the bastard has been dead for years.

Now it’s all up to the media whores to prove themselves as true journalists, or to prove themselves as nothing but useful tools for an agenda.

And who will take political points, and continue Ws undemocratic measures home and abroad?

This clown!

Obama! I urge you to turn in your Peace Prize! You are no longer worthy!

What is really hilarious is that the RW neocon Fascists have no longer a ghost they can chase and scare the dumb sheeples with.

Who wants dips on interviewing the soldiers whom supposedly took this quest?




This is a video of OBL from 2005. Anyone thinking he looks different from other times? Where is the grey on his beard? Did he have a dying kit in his cave? Or a hairdresser maybe?

The plot thickens….


6 responses to “Bin Laden dead? And updates…

    • Hei!

      Nå skal visst Al Quaida ha bekreftet Bin Ladens død. Og de lover hevn.

      Skjønt, det ville vært det beste å ta ham i live. Det skulle vært en interessant rettssak det…


  1. We want pictures!!!!
    Of Bin Laden’s double.
    Best make up award goes to…
    Hero soldier who took him out award goes to…
    Costume department award goes to the same guy who did ‘Sparticus’
    And the academy for propagander award goes to…
    What a farce!
    Great article ranter! : P

    • Thank you ranter fan.

      I wanne see pictures too! Like a deather, I want to see all the gory details of a brain splattered out all over!

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