War on Drugs…

is an utter failure, and a staggering display of power abuse and arrogant hypocrisy.

I’m sitting in a hidden bar somewhere in Dublin. The sweet smell of illegal herbs is filling the air outside in the back – the smoking area. It took me a while to find this place. But as persistent as I am, I found this hidden gem.

Only a few hundred yards away, there is a Garda station. One might wonder how many drug arrests they will do today.

The war on drugs is an utter failure.

This is one of the reasons why.

Prohibitionists, whom more than happily will defend binge drinking, find a weed intolerable. And starts whining about “law and order”, and protecting the kids. All the way until the kids themselves find out on their own that they have been lied to. And get caught with a bag of weed. Then they are not “innocent” anymore whom needs protection from this demon seed, but juvenile delinquents whom should be punished. They have now been labelled by the puritan prohibitionists as menaces to society and criminals.

So much to keep a plant they don’t like, and k now absolutely nothing about away from “our children”. Fact is that a 16-year-old can get a hold of weed easier than a bottle of Johnny Walker.

Still prohibitionist live in the delusion that prohibition limits their access to cannabis.

I heard a story about this place once. But I still cannot get this confirmed, even though more than one source can testify to this. in this place, not only freaks punks, hippies, musicians and poets drinking and smoking. Policeman in civies do the same!

They get their bag of weed from a local dealer, smoke it, go home, smoke some more, go to sleep, and go back to work, arresting people for the same thing they did the night before.

Smoking plants that according to prohibitionists will make you insane and die with a needle in your arm! And they will definitely drink themselves to oblivion the next festival They will have a bottle of wine on a Saturday. The will have their poison, while they deny others to use their drug of choice. As if prohibition and police state will get rid of a plant that has been a part of recorded human history for more than 5000 years.

Cannabis has a natural place in our brain. We have cannabinoid receptors that will react to the THC we put in our bodies. Alcohol has no natural place in our body. That’s why the so-called war on drugs will never be won. It’s being fought by drunks carrying guns and law books. Their enemies are the stoners. And the stoners are winning!



3 responses to “War on Drugs…

  1. Another great article about how corrupt the system is, well done mate!
    Thats a shocking video depicting bullying policemen terrifying a young child and shooting a family pet, no doubt loyaly protecting its owners.
    The hypocracy stinks, with more people dying from drinking and smoking related illnesses or obesity from craving the additives and preservatives in junk food than a quiet toke in your own home….they just dont want us to think for ourselves and to awake from the slumber of brainwashing and propaganda they’ve been feeding us for decades.
    Well done to the ‘cop busters’ for outing the bullying, cowardly crooked and bent cops.

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