What’s wrong with Ireland?

So what is wrong with my once beloved Ireland?

THIS is what is wrong with Ireland!

Even though this gorilla was ousted from his office, he and his kind still pose a great symptom of what is wrong with Ireland.

It’s about time I did this. As deadlines are something I normally shun, and this is long time overdue, it’s time a took this bullet, and shot the kneecap off whichever power structure it concerns.

Though I spend most of my time in my ivory tower, staying away from public life, stirring my cauldron and think of ways to make life miserable for anyone ever rubbing me the wrong way; Sometimes it is necessary to wander amongst the living to see whomever the hell keep electing crooks, liars, corrupt powermongers and generally people with a morality of a slug. Hence, I’m sitting at the Globe at Dame Street with a pint, and evil thoughts are surging my Swiss cheese of a brain.

Matt Taibbi calls Wall Street a giant vampire squid. Which is nothing more than fitting. What do I call powermongers whom are plucking an island I used to love piece by piece, euro by euro a part and ships it off to Cayman islands? What do we call a democracy that simply cannot hold the criminal elements of the Cowen regime accountable, where the biggest crooks are now living in Ivy League neighborhoods around the world? Inept? A failure? The delusion of freedom to choose?

I call that newly elected government equally corrupt. And this is what the Irish people have “elected” this time. A Center right party further to the right than Fiann Faile, Fina Gael is a party closer ideological ties to fundies and stock broker vultures and development hacks.

While gipsy girls are being denied entrance to any bar in Temple Bar, bar owners are protecting their claw fingered staff while tossing out guests whom points this out, the politicians are making deals behind closed doors on spa hotels, eating themselves up on the tax payers, money. There are bars in Dublin that tolerate sales of illegal herbs. Even police officers off duty frequent those places to get high. And sometimes their colleagues raid the place, bringing their colleagues with them in shackles. Unless backroom deals are being made.

Is this the Ireland I once considered “my island” in a story from Belfast 6 years ago?

Soon after I arrived back here before Christmas last year, I had my first pint in the village live in. There I was told by one of the locals the big problem with Ireland and its citizens. They are their own worst enemies!

Forget what the Brits did. Forget IRA, UDA, and the bullshitters with guns whom run around with the notion that they have ANY form of credibility left.

The Irish are screwing themselves more than any Churchill or Queen ever could. Why? Because they want to be “different” from the Brits. But I am sad to say the self-destruction is similar everywhere. No wonder why the Irish are getting drunk on a frequent basis while smoking huge amounts of illegal weed.

A few weeks before Christmas last year, I got wind up by some punk kids whom were looking “for a hero” to huddle to. They seemed to be too lazy to rise up their voices themselves. So they turned to me. A drunken barfly whom can hardly write more than three good lines a day unless I get my fair amount of booze and drugs. So this is for the punk kids whom were looking for some answers! I ain’t their bloody Braveheart, OK ?!

“Shock! Horror! The Truth Is Revealed! Rich business people pay money to politicians in exchange for favourable decisions and politicians comply.”

Is there ANYTHING new with that notion?
No! Not really! Probably why corporations like Google, Microsoft, HP, Apple, and other US companies still thrive here. USA have found its tax haven in Ireland. These corporations are using “recruiting” companies with a very seedy reputation amongst anyone whom have ever had any employment with them.
They still get their taxes cut, while all the others are paying for the crimes that the politicians are responsible for. The only thing hat rose the last 4 months is our taxes. The working men and women. I guess the companies need their tactus more than normal people need their social services, and that little extra for a bottle of whiskey to drown ones sorrows.
This is what is happening in Ireland these days, after the infamous meeting Cowen had with his cronies.
This is parts of a little gem of an article I picked up.

“After a mammoth fourteen years, the Tribunal of Inquiry into certain Payments to Politicians and Related Matters (the Moriarty Tribunal) has just concluded and not before time either. Fourteen years of evasion, lies, legalities, misrepresentations and rumour. Fourteen years of barristers fees, investigators fees, salaries and miscellany. To date, the whole affair has cost in the region of €40 million but that does not include the final costs. Those will be revealed in time.
Moriarty is one of many such tribunals that meander along investigating corruption in Irish governments past, suckling the finances of governments present. The difficulty is how to investigate top-level politicians as their appointees infect government departments and quangos for decades to come. Sympathetic governments have tried to frustrate tribunals and to give them the chop by leaking false rumours about the judge or manufacturing spurious ad hominem criticism. In Irish society, the tribunals represent the excesses of the past and slowly reveal what we thought we all knew already. Shackled by a serious lack of political will, the regressive slandering and libel laws, and a natural tendency to cheer on those who cock a shook at authority, the lumbering tribunal beast is a dinosaur in today’s bankrupt economy.
Of course, the case for the tribunals was not helped by the length of time it took to deliver the final report. Fourteen years later and no smoking gun. Unlimited resources to investigate the awarding of the most lucrative state contract ever by a known criminal, and no smoking gun – not even a smoldering spear.
The tribunal’s final report refers to the actions of the former Minister for Transport, Energy and Communications Michael Lowry as ‘cynical and venal abuse of office’, ‘brazen refusal to acknowledge the impropriety of his financial arrangements’, ‘most pervasive and abusive’ and declare him to be corrupt. That’s all well and good but it was one of the known knowns. The McCracken Tribunal had ticked that box. What Moriarty draws back from is declaring that the awarding of the mobile phone licence to be corrupt despite the leaked information to the press, and the hundreds of thousands of Irish pounds paid in a roundabout way from Denis O Brien to Lowry when he was in charge of awarding the licence.

Business and politics is a good old fashioned forbidden love. The two want to get together and make beautiful money together but crusty lawyers and ethical crusaders keep them apart. For years, the press was leashed, bound by the libel laws from reporting on the flagrante delicto that greased the Irish economy.
Michael Lowry is the epitome of a man out for all he can steal. A master at the clientalist parish pump political circuit, bestowed with the common touch, brass necked, deeply corrupt, and a perfect imitation of injured innocence – the latter being the most vital component.
His dodgy dealings are many and varied. He excels in evading tax and has been prosecuted for same – his company Garuda had to pay up €1.2 million after a Revenue audit and he was required to pay almost €200,000 in personal taxes. With several offshore accounts and personal donations from rich businessmen – it was the IR£395,000 paid by Dunnes Stores (grocery, clothes and homeware multiple) for work on his home that brought him down initially – he had to resign as Minister. He even initiated a legal action against journalist Sam Smyth personally “seeking exemplary damages for this most grievous and unwarranted libel” following a television programme.
What might astonish citizens of mature democracies is that after resigning in disgrace and being found guilty of tax evasion, Lowry stood for election as an independent and topped the poll in that and subsequent elections. He is a blemish on national politics and a living example that white collar crime is not taken seriously in Ireland. He is the representative for Moneygall, Barack Obama’s ancestral home, and will be in line to greet the US president when he visits in May. To our shame, Lowry is planning to ask Obama for the White House specs because Lowry is building a casino on that model. Like many politicians, he is impossible to shame. The Dáil (Irish Parliament) voted through a motion to censure him but he has no intention of resigning.
But Lowry is not the first or the last to trouser the perks. Our former Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Charles Haughey was investigated and it was revealed that he stole much of the money raised for his friend and colleague Brian Lenihan’s medical treatment. His entire political career was funded by donations from big business and he never refused money for services. He was so corrupt that he inveigled enough money to buy a private island off the coast of Kerry and a helicopter service to ferry him to and from his domain. Haughey was accepting bribes and living a lavish lifestyle while he told the nation to tighten their belts. And yet for all his corruption, his thieving and his economic illiteracy, Haughey is remembered as a rogue, a charming rogue who was a great statesman. Some of this came from the Fianna Fáil propaganda paper ‘The Irish Press’ but there is great support in certain sectors of the community for the little man battling the forces of authority, even and especially, when that man is the authority.
Bertie Ahern, another former Taoiseach, used to talk about ‘dem up dere who would not let him push his projects’. He would say this while being Prime Minister, the supreme temporal authority in the state at the time – our presidents are merely ceremonial dinosaurs – and people could not or would not see the inherent farce. Bertie himself was corrupt, admitting that several businessmen got together to give him a ‘dig out’ – essentially passing an envelope around and stuffing it with cash. UK£56 000 was one such dig out. Bertie had the following to say:
“What I got personally in my life, to be frank with you is none of your business. If I got something from somebody as a present or something like that I can use it… broken no codes – ethical, tax, legal or otherwise… I might have appointed somebody but I appointed them because they were friends, not because of anything they had given me.
Bertie’s other claims to explain away substantial sums were spurious – I had no bank account, so the money is just my savings; I won it on a horse; I don’t remember; and people just try to help me out – and were rightly dismissed by the tribunal. In addition to his corruption, Bertie defied the English language until all meaning had evaporated. It was difficult to understand his admissions.
“It is not correct, and if I said so, I was not correct — I cannot recall if I said it, but I did not say, or if I did, I did not mean to say it — that these issues could not be dealt with until the end of the Mahon Tribunal.
Lowry is merely the latest Irish politician to be caught out. The attitude is one of, ‘everybody else is doing it, why not me?’
After the Moriaty report was handed down, Denis O Brien and Michael Lowry have got back together again to relive their old romance, trash talking the Moriarty report and undermining the public’s confidence in the judiciary. Over the past week, the air has been full of hyperbolic phrases such as “slow, Chinese torture”, “witch hunt[s]”, “grievous errors” and many other attack words. The best defence is a good offence and Lowry’s expression of injured innocence has seen a lot of play.
In true conspiracy fashion, even now O’Brien and Lowry back each other to the hilt. They stand together, united in corruption while the proles just try to understand how these two got together in the first place and why we vote in such easily corruptible men.”

So many names. So many punshable faces I have yet had the displeasure of knowing. And they are even proud of their actions! They make Pretty boy Floyd seem like an angel in comparison. And he killed cops for fun! They seem to glutton in their greed and lust for power. I wonder if they go to the same churches as priests would molest their kids body, and not only their minds. I wonder if Baby Jesus would condone their behavior.

But who am I to talk, eh?

I’m an immigrant worker! A freelancer! A journeyman! I rent out my knowledge to any corporation that will hire me! And some of these corporations more often than not have close ties with the bastards in government! And now, I’m taking a piss at not only my host country’s failed policies, I’m also taking a piss at their religion! Money and the Virgin Mary! Every single pedophile priests wet dream!

As to my quotes – I stole them from another writer whom seems to have a deeper insight then me. After all, I am the laziest writer in town.
Besides, after research, I would most likely come to the same conclusions. And I trust a writer ten times more than I trust anything coming out of a mouth of a politician – whose whole task in life seem to put an apologetic spin on things while getting caught with their pants down, sniffing cocaine from the breasts an underaged prostitute.

The public don’t seem to care in their haze of pub life, and the bags of weed they are smoking. They keep electing the same kind of assholes time and time again. As if the same actions and choices would somehow render a different outcome. Is this a sign of collective psychosis?

At least we get the truth from one Irishman.

Was he drunk when he said this?

Here’s my little take on it. And I wrote it when I was sober.

That’s why people go into business school and go into politics. To rob the rest of you suckers blind. Legally!

They call it democratic Capitalism…


Apologize for any misspells I might have overlooked.

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13 responses to “What’s wrong with Ireland?

  1. What a great piece Morten.
    I fuckin love that video, that guy told it how it is….with bells on!
    There’s times when a fuckin asshole needs to be told he’s a fuckin asshole…..wanking bankers….love it!
    That guy should be in politics.

  2. The problem is that people see the government as the problem, yet they are perpetually waiting for the government to come to their rescue. The government is never the solution, the individual usually is. It’s easier, however, to swill another shot of whiskey and lament that the corrupt government tit has run so dry.

  3. What a great web log. I spend hours on the net reading blogs, about tons of various subjects. I have to first of all give praise to whoever created your theme and second of all to you for writing what i can only describe as an fabulous article. I honestly believe there is a skill to writing articles that only very few posses and honestly you got it. The combining of demonstrative and upper-class content is by all odds super rare with the astronomic amount of blogs on the cyberspace.

    • Thanks.

      Don’t read many blogs myself. Most of them are not worth reading… I hear.

      More fun will come…

  4. He needs to run for president in the United Obamantion States!!! Our country is indeed falling or fell, to the corruption of our money lusters in power, we call it government, they call it a sweet deal, we citizens pay for everything, they don’t pay any taxes, no health care, we give it to them for free, plus after they retire they still keep getting paid tax free! looks like criminals are in power now, God help us all! I loved the article!!

  5. tell me more. i am going to visit ireland, i heard its beautiful, any way every place its own problem,

    ireland beautiful.?

    • Thanks for feedback.

      Every place has its problems. I though take a look at the dark sides of Ireland. The good things about the place is the history that seem to be stuck in the walls of every place you go. The people are friendly. At most. If you should ever go to Belfast, please go to the ADF Gallery across the street from the Linen Hall Library. Tell them I sent you. My ex. fiancee used to work there. And I still have an issue with the lot of them. 😉 If you go there at the end of a month, then find “Belfast Bookfinders” across the street from Queens University. Tell them that the Norwegian writer sent you. Tell them I am still pissed off for not getting any stage time. I had some great poetry to throw at them.

      I can recommend the ARK travellers Hostel on Botanic Avenue. You’ll find the best people on these hostels. If you are a traveller that is.

      Irelands national hobby is drinking Guinness, and watching Gaelic football on big screen TVs. Or it might be something within the arts: Writing or painting. In the meantime, the same and moneyare robbing them blind. While Brussels is dictating their policies.

      If you go to Dublin, then find Fibber Magees. It’s a great place for rockn’roll. And you’ll see the finest people Dublin and Ireland has to offer. The artsy, punks, pot smokers and disidents. I can recommend you stay at either Oliver St. Gogartys in the middle of Temple Bar, or Kinlays House on Dame street if you’re on a bugdet. Otherwise I recommend a B&B for privacy, and proper Irishh breakfast included in the price.

      Gotta go. Got another story from the dark side to publish.

      And if my “Belfast Stories” ever will be published, look for it! You will read about the places in Belfast you might visit….

  6. Interesting story regarding your pic of the old school. I was there in 2006 and was told it was fielding its last class. I asked why and the said, “Madonna wanted her kid to come here”…and that was that. Never confirmed it but sounds like sound Irish logic to me:)

    • Hey Karen.

      It’s a picture from one of the mid isle lakes. The mansion is now serving as a hotel and spa….

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