Data Retention Directive – A direct threat to privacy?

Here’s the question!
Our non-elected leaders in the European Parliament have pushed on us a non-democratic decrete on all of us. Including Norway. Whom have now without the will of the People signed into law that all our communication will from hence forth be monitored.

What is the reason for this?

First, the Patriot Act!


Officially to track terrorists. However, ALL Americans commuication was monitored. Old people and babies and kids were suddenly on “non fly” lists, and on terror watch. A brilliant way for GWB and his neocons to make people feel safer.
Or was that the purpose?

Now, this venom have spread to Europe. As RWers are whining about Muslims invade Europe (while we’re making their countries into ash trays, and keep puppet dictators there to protect “our” interest), there is another venom more sinister than burkas and bearded men from the Middle East. It’s called “give a little bit of your freedom, and we will keep you safe” syndrom.
It’s what they had in Soviet Union! It’s what McCarthy had wet dreams about in the 50’s while travelling further and further into a rabid paranoia.

Our non-elected members of the European Parliament have now got this syndrom. And they are excellent in their knowledge of New Speech.

Data Retention Directive!

Doesn’t it sound… clinical? Doesn’t it sound like this was thought up by some MP rushing in to the European Parliament to sign in get his or her cheque, and then rush out again, and really want to screw you in places you do not knew excisted for YOUR money?

Some people find comfort in the idea. They won’t need their heavy medication of pills anymore! Now, they know that criminality, porn, terrorism, and all the nasty things that keeps them on their toes days and nights, and can’t enjoy life without their little “happy pill” can now be tracked!

And they loves the fact that Big Brother is watching their every step as long as the big bad wolf can’t take them. I have one small advice for them! Smoke a bong! Get off the bloody pills!
You better start asking yourself why you want to give away your freedom to privacy for the illusion of safety! This steps can be abused no matter how good intentions our non- elected leaders might have, or make us think they have. It’s a dangerous road we are travelling down now. We are travelling down a road old wise writers and great thinkers have warned us about. We seem to not want to listen to their words now. Because we want our privacy invaded to catch “bad people”.

It doesn’t matter whether we go to the polls to vote or not. It’s the same people whom somehow will crawl themselves to power like characters in a Machiavellian futuristic nightmare. We live in the future NOW! Though the order of things have not changed much since those days. We have no more freedom now than back in those days. There are still draconian measures that in practice makes at least half of us criminals. And now, these Machiavellian heirs, non- elected, wants to have complete control over all of us.


Because it will help the drugged down population sleep better, and being able to enjoy their lollipop music again.

In the meantime, we think we have reached the pinacle of free speech by burning books we don’t like! This leads me to a comment which speaks for itself.

Because in all its gory details, you know what it is true!


Now, go away! I have a spliff to light up….


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