The Pentagon Papers vs. Wikileaks – A History Lesson

Time for a history lesson.

While Daniel Elsberg got a hold of the Pentagon papers, Mike Gravel read them out in public as a tool to filibuster Nixons plan to prolong the draft. These papers, and Gravels exposè in the Senate was the beginning of the downfall from GOPs former poster boy, and criminal du joure Tricky Dick Nixon.

In the light of wikileaks, and persecutions of Truth tellers, this should be an excellent example that the Powermongers have learned from history. They shift focus completely from the message to the messenger. And they seem hellbent on silencing all dissentiv voices.

Yet there were actually politicians of courage at the time. While reading out these papers, vets. was cheering him.

Daniel Elsberg faced no support from the media, and what I thought was every journalists commandment.

Today, there are two other whistle blowers whom face persecution. Today, the media is doing the same mistake. Today, mainstream journalists fail to do their job!

That’s why Bradley Manning is being treated like a traitor in a military prison in America. He have not been officially charged for anything! And if he have exposed crime within government, he have done something right!

And whom do they want to have killed?



And from where does these inconvient questions come from?

A bloody judge from a media channel I mostly despise from for lying and covering up the Truth! The Truth came from someone whom got fired from a mediachannel despised as a “leftie” channel!

Julian Assange faces fake rape charges in Sweden! The spineless Swedes considers giving him over to a regime that wants to charge him as a terrorist! The Swedes should be ashamed of the trumped up charges they have against him.

Anyone confused yet?

I will nor write more than necessary on these matters. I just want the facts speak for themselves. It must be up to each and everyone of you to choose how to deal with it.



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