Patriot Act – Data Retention Directive – Spying, power abuse – an Orwellian nightmare

War is peace. Ignorance is knowledge. Freedom is slavery. Benjamin Franklin once wrote. Anyone whom will give up their freedom for some security will end up with neiter. and it seems more and mor that lies become consentual news, and Truth obsolete, where the truthtellers are being labelled as criminals. Governments are spying on us. We have no more privacy. Yet power shills insist that we should not expoce our governments abuse of power. Government secrets and crimes: Sacred. Our privacy: We must have something to hide, and must be criminals whom should be spied on.

While American government have been spying on it`s own citizens for almost ten years throug the socalled Patriot Act, already, Europe, and Norway is following suit. The directive comes from EU. Norway is not a part of EU, but we are willignyl goosestepping to the march of the demands of Big Brother. Reason? The socalled War on Terror! The whole term is as pathetic as the socalled War on Drugs. All tools to dumb us down, and not to dare to speak up against their insanity. Their abuse of power. Their greed. Their pathological collective psychosis.
They are alwyas using events like this to limit our freedom and privacy. What I finbd hilarious is that GOP, the moronic powermongers whom claim to love their Constitution, have no problem in fucking their Founding Fathers in the ass. Scaring thye dumb gullibel audience into submission, and to give away their freedoms. RWers are never interested in freedom. They WANT Big Government! They hate freedom. And the only thing that keeps them from being dragged ouot of their offices and homes, is that they still have a hold on a majority of the people, and their contributors, whom also own most of the media, are treating the populace like mushrooms. Keep them in the dark, feeding them on shit.
The top of irony, is that they want Julian Assanges head on a plate for exposing the criminal elements in their own ranks. I guess that their version of the 4th Amendment only applies to a criminal government spying on their own people, while true journalists whom are exposing them, should be treated as traitors.

Bradly Manning is being treated like a terrorist, and a traitor. The true criminals are dictating terms and policies. Heros are being persecuted.

What I find as a staggering display of arrogance from the MSM is that they are attacking the messengers and dissidents as the true corporate shills they are, while they should be conentrating on the information that they were not able to dig up themselves. MSM is NOTæ doing their job!

While people like Scott Walker and Rick Scott are being exposed as corrupt criminals, wants to clamp down on anyone whom can expose him and the RW Fascist agenda. RWers when in power are pissing on peoples rights. They talk about small government, but want to invade a womans uteruce, control hat people are putting in their bodies, and arrest people whom are not following their Big Brother agenda. Our governments are lying, conniving, criminal bastards. NO exception. EU, Norway, USA. Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iran, Russia, China. It doesn`t matter. Fact is that they all fear their own people, and do everything they can in clandestine to rip us of what`s left of our human dignity.
They do not want us to know that we CAN destroy them. If only enough people would wake up from American Idol Soap Operas, and celebrity “news”, there is only a question of time before ALL prime ministers from Stoltenberg to Obama, to any politician should be dragged out of their mansions, stripped, pealed, salted, tarred, feathered, and chased out of town by a flock of mentally ill baboons in heat with spiked planks; or as I call them – the voters.

Consider this a warning to anyone whom are using Orwellian Newspeech to screw us even more up the rectum.

“The most dangerous man to, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevaling superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to he conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to chancge it. And even if he isn not romantic personally he is very apt to spread discontent among those who are.”
HL Mencken



4 responses to “Patriot Act – Data Retention Directive – Spying, power abuse – an Orwellian nightmare

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    • Or should I call you BITCH?

      At least try to spell it right if you wanna throw out poor excuses for insults and threats! You parrot BS don’t bite on me!

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      This message WILL be published. That will be a warning to assholes like you to NEVER piss me off!

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