NEVER…Piss off A Writer2

You can betray me!

You can supress me!

You can throw me under the Brigde!

You can drown me!

You can try to kill me!

I am a Writer!

I WILL come back to haunt you!

I WILL write the Truth!

And you will be my enemy!

There will be no holds barred!

I will humiliate you!

I will scorn you!

I will make you look like the dimwitted fool you are!

I WILL destroy you!

Not a threat! Just a Promise!



5 responses to “NEVER…Piss off A Writer2

    • WOW!

      What a hard hitting turnback! I think I must cry a tear after that pathetic attempt of an insult. Cry a tear of laughter…

      Who are you really?

    • I see that you work for HP. Which means that YOU are a spineless corporate shill ready for a picking.

      So when i can find out that about you, I can also find out whom you are and destroy you like a worm at will….

      So how about it tough guy?

      Want me to wait for you in the afternoons outside the corporate building so that we can have this discussion man a mano?

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