Libyan War – A Hoax?

As thousands upon thousand are seeking refuge in Italy, the bombs in Libya keeps falling. I imagine the brownshirts are in glee. And what kills me is that the same are supporting the bombings in Libya!
What kills me even more is that they live in the delusion that war doesn`t have consequences for all of us! What will Berlusconi do when he is not too busy answwering charges on having sex with under aged prostitutes?


And what is in it for the West in engaging in this war?

According to your dear PM, we are NOT in war in Libya. Last time I checked, bombs, grenades and two sides fighting each other for control over a piece of land is war. Maybe Stoltenberg can be so kind to explain to this veteran what the true definition of war is?

Yet there are things that may suggest that the whole Libyan war was planned long time ahead.

There are evidence to suggest that this war is not about freedom and democracy for the Libyan people, but about control over their resources. As Ghadaffi is an insane dictator whom supressed his own people, he was also against the Western dominionism over the region.

And most U.S. media is playing the war drums. The Bush citicial MSNBC have now claimed that this war is different than the others.

From being a staunch critic of the Bush regime, several MSNBC anchors have now been drinkning their pro-war kool-aid. It seems that wars, and patriotism and dissent is a partisan issue. Not an issue of right and wrong. It seems in this case that a Russian owned media outlet is the voice of reason.

How wrong I have been all this time about these important issues!



2 responses to “Libyan War – A Hoax?

  1. Husker ikke siste gang krigen handlet om frihet og depokrati. Moderne kriger handler stortsett om penger og kontroll av naturressurser. Men folk dør, fraktes kontainere med olje, diamanter krysser ulovlig landsgrenser og pengene fraktes i ufattelig mengder mellomg konflikt lander.

    Samme gjelder Libiya, utrolig nok USA var litt smartere denne gange og lot Frankrike ta første skrittet.

    Det ikke lett å forstå krig, en må oppleve den selv.

    • Det har du helt rett i 🙂

      Forsøker så godt jeg kan å glemme min eget pliktløp i Adriaterhavet i 1993 med mengder av alkohol, og skrivende raseriutbrudd. Men i hine dager, så blir jeg til stadighet minnet på den tiden…


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