Update – the Rahim Rostani case.

Something is not right here.

New information states that the young Iranian lad whom was returned to Iran already had a death penalty hanging over his head.
Court documents from Iran can confirm that.

What is really ironic, is that Norwegian police have had these documents translated. Still UNE sent him out! They did not take this into consideration.

The young man was first living in asylum seeker accommodation and then moved in with a loving Norwegian family where he lived at some considerable time.

Yet this did not matter for the criminal chief of UNE Skjeggestad. The guy whom may look gentle, he is still in my eyes a fusin between Torquemada and a German bureaucrat that rubberstamped the sending off millions of Jews and Gypsies straight to the happycamps and cas chambers.

You decide!

I have a suggestion. Send Skjeggestad out! Drop him off somewhere over Tehran without passport, and 50 Polish Zlotys for spending money!

As a bureaucrat he is like a robot which I doubt have any kind of human emotions whatsoever. I wonder if he goes on accord with himself, his socalled values, or even his consience. If this young man face death, that means that he and his cronies are accomplised to murder.

We need to look at the routines in UNE. We also need to hold Skjeggestad and his staff accountable for all the fates they have been responsible for!

It is time that he and the power structure start to fear us, and not the other way around!

So Skjeggestad, if you ever read this, I hope you rot, and will be held accountable for your criminal negligence!

What really kills me is that the same insists on keeping the Islamist terrorist Mullah Krekaer in the country. An extremist whom are propagating violence, suicide bombings and war. Yet this freaki of nature is too much of a lying coward to put his money where his mouth is. The fat bastard prefer that others are doing his bidding, getting killed on his command!

To give a small insight in the justice system in Iran for political activists and “adulterous” women, a small clip is fitting.

If it seems that I am outraged like a gorilla on speed, than that is the right assumption.



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