Burn the Bible Day – Outside Terry Jones’ Church!


That’s my suggestion after the book burning moron Terry Jones burnt the Quran and blames Islam for it.

I bet this mental rejct supports the imperialistic wars that have been fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I bet that he thinks that putting Bible verses on guns is a highly Christian thing to do!

I bet that this freak of nature will come up with any excuses to defend or back paddle the cruelty his religion have commmitted.

I bet this freak of nature loves cluster cells more than the living! I bet that this fundie would rather have a womand die in labour than to have the “audacity” to have an abortion.
I bet that this retard is a homofobic closet case. At least we know he is a basket case.

I bet this moronic mouth breather does not believe in evolution.

I bet that this dolt w ould blame anyone else for the mischief HE and his braindead “flock” have committed.

I bet that if he lived in Europe 80 years ago, he would be goosestepping to the march of “de Fahne Hoch” while burning books, commies, Jews and queers.

This must be the epiphamy of the pot calling the kettle black.

I would urge people in Florida to go to his church and create a giant bonfire of Bibles, and show up with pictures of Jesus and Mohammaed naked. Fucking each others in the ass and feeding each other asparges.

I would urge people doing the same everywhere to show the big Finger to monothistic desert dogmas!

And if anyone gets killed, we can blame it ALL on the fundies…

Terry Jones! We hold YOU responsible for any deaths due to your insane actions! You should be taken by the army, and be sent over to Afghanistan and dropped off right over Kandahar! With a sign nailed to your chest saying “My name is Terry Jones and I burnt your book! I hate Islam and love it when Christians are killing Muslim Babies!”

I would serve Terry Jones and his braindamaged sheeples right over to the the Afghan lynch mob!



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