Newt: “We don’t need NATO”…

Possible candidate to run for flip flopper in Chief?

These Republicans are truly staggering in their hypocrisy.

As uncertainty about Libya unravels, GOP are contradicting themselves on a daily basis. Projecting their own agenda, lying, cheating, corporate shills and people with absolutely no integritety. Just a a few weeks ago, there was gov. Walker in Wisconsin. (Never thought I would write about Wisconsin.)
Gingrich must be under the impression that USA have any form of credibility in the Middle East. He must be under the impression that he’s got any credibility with anyone having a three digit IQ.
Now Newt Gingrich is back putting his foot in his mouth. If Gingrich is also going to run, I am looking for more than 18 months of hilarious comedy. His cheating will be scrutinised, his flip flopping will be exposed time and time again. Will he be man enough to face i.e. Keith Olbermann or any MSNBC reporter if he runs?
Together with Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, they will secure entertainment for weeks and months on end. I have bought the pop corn and the beer. And at least one of them do not want to face those “nasty characters” in the “Lame Stream Media” and “far left” media outlets…



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