Something is Brewing.

I meet myself in the doorway every day
Wondering who am I? Where do I go?

Once I loved life outside amongst the living
Now I’m walling myself up
Reliving old ghosts

A memory too touchy
to cope with alone
And the bottle and the smoke

Are your only true friends

Sitting around trying to eat
Can’t get nothing down
Wating for the next score

In life

The big break of something new
Something to shake my old ghosts
off my shoulders

Shake this addiction off
digging myself down
while I should fly

Somewhere in the deep
Someone saw something
Yet it was no good

One girl said to me
You are so deep
I said
I have just scratched the surface honey

I got her that night
going home together
Doing what one night standers do

That was then
This is now
I’m getting tired these days

Something is brewing
Or am I dying?


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