Ghadaffhi – you are dead!

Quite an interesting article from Libya!

Mohammar is threataning his own people for being drug addled criminal maniacs, and no quarters will be shown.

Got a little message for you here you old Berbian peacock!

If you had the guts to be grilled by a true journalist, that story, your own words would make you not see sundown the next day. Because you would die. You would die due to words I or someone else have written. And being the insane beast you are, as well as your bastard sons getting in the same grave as you would bring a smile to my face. There’s not much more true democracy in the west either. Just look at what’s happening in Wisconsin. At least your RW crony haven’t started to shoot at the protesting teachers yet. But at least the beast are still playing by the rules of engamegement. Though they are doing the best to silence any sharp dissentic voice over here to. You sir, are a sick, morderous bastard whom hangs out with the worst heads of state in Europe. And not even they want to touch you with a ten foot pole now. Even if that pole would impale you from your rectum…

Each and every single life lost in Libya is blood on your hands. Your fate is sealed. You are only the third tyrant in this world the next year that will crumble under the weight of their own ego.

Expect us! There is an army of citizens of this world that would rid this world from criminal scum like you. You think you can run. You think you can hide. You think you can play loudmouth coming with threats with tanks protecting your worthless pile of skin. But you cannot. Your days are numbered. But you’re just too dumb to realize it.

So is your sons…



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