NEVER Piss off a Writer


It’s bound to happen. Some scheeming shitforbrains manage to rub me the wrong way again. Wether it be a large corporation, jackass racists, or partisan hacks whom claims to have any form of insight in what this whole thing is about.

Same shit different toilet. This time in another multunational company. When is this new? Not much. Save from their training methods, and support is in the gutter. Not even I would stoop so low. But I’m on my good way to do just that!

I’ve been here about 3 months now. How much actual work, or actual training have I gotten these three months?

Well, in any other company, I would have been well on my way to have solved at least 5000 cases. In this company, nothing is being done. After months of disorganized boredom, and some general “training” that means actually nothing in real life, and socalled “testcalls” with gradings that seems to be as random as a bingo game for jurassics.

How the TLs and the coaches approach you?

“Do you need any info or documentation?”

What do you think?

“I need that and that and that!”

Not knowing what you need, makes the question a tad redundant, isn’t it?

I always replied to them to give me what I need. And their documentation seem to have been written by some  Silicone Valley geek high on some PC drug called the Android.

Half the people working for this said company gets stoned on a regular basis. Wonder if the TLs are in on it as well.

Wonder if HR knows squat about what’s going on right under their noses. People smoking weed on breaks. Having a whiskey hidden in the drawer. Visiting suits standing by as some tech support stoner passes them to go and throw up after last nights binge. I wonder if the suits are stoned. I wonder if the suits knows squat what goes on. Wonder what the customers would say if they knew what is going on on this place. Wonder if they know that practically every person still not lobotomised hate their guts, and really want to make a lynch mob towards them. Wonder if they would be happy with the low pay they impose on their sucker employees if they’d have to live on it themselves.

I wonder if their CEOs would be happy themselves with how business is being conducted in Ireland. We have witnessed how business is being conducted in Ireland though – for several years! That’s why we see this beautiful country being infested by corporations, corrupt populist politicians and their banker friends.

I am sorry. I digress.

Most of the people working in these companies are great people. Many travellers, from other countries YOU will never visit. Their company policies, and their culture however is quite the contrary. Most of them fail miserably. In one way or the other.

I got a new start survey sent last week.  It’s not a fun reading for them. They want honesty? Well, enjoy!

Let me show you what my judgement from my present employer last week. I expect a mass migration from this said company within the next few weeks.

Everybody can tell the same story. They hate it. And the TL and some from HR told me today that this company might not be for me.

They may be right! I might not belong there! I went in there, and found out some quite interesting things, that would be hell of a lot of fun writing about!

Maybe I belong on a stage, making cheapshot jokes on them instead! Sitting in front of a laptop somewhere on this planet and tell them truths about them that will make their stock holders shiver in fear. Follow the footsteps of Voltaire if I may.

Whatever happens these next few days, I will have my fun, and perhaps send this little piece to all the right persons and places. WITH full names, dates, faces, though, certain things are still sacred. My sources.

This was supposed to be one last journey to Ireland. A good one! And the job would be a good one. More than once do I miss the little GEM in Belfast. They were rotten in their funny little ways. As I understand from stories, they have become fascist in their way of controlling things. I hear that the CEO there have started to use his own brother as some sort of security to control people’s breaks. That’s an unconfirmed story however. My sources in Belfast don’t want to talk to me for some strange reason. That’s a whole different story.

Tomorrow, I will go to The Meeting, and meet a tagteam I can expect anything from, and I will bring with me this. And a few bombs to drop on their face…

And a little warning: NEVER piss off a Writer!


4 responses to “NEVER Piss off a Writer

  1. Whoever you are I think maybe you need to face up to your responsibilities and stop blaming everyone else!!…Ive met people like you who “claim” they have travelled the world blablabla,but really know diddely squat..Ok maybe you have some good points but again ,stop blaming everyone else..

    Your Number 456th fan

  2. Just been going through your blogs,and you have quite a vindictive streak towards employment and the ” real world”…Fair enough you have some good points,but it seems you have had bad experiences with corporations..

    • I am not a fan of corporations. That is correct. Why should I?

      Give me one reason to give thanks to corporations for anything. For being alive. For having the privilege to work for one of them.

      Besides, my anger does not have any influence on the truth.

      Some people might find my writings quite… harsh. Yet seem to forget the message to go after the messenger.

      The “real world” isn`t real. The real world is something we create for ourselves so that we don`t have to confront the insanity that we face every day.

      Thanks for your headsup…

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