The Winds are changing – Keith Olbermann, a voice of reason gone?

Somehow it had to come. Another voice of reason drowned in the sewer of lies, distortion and propaganda.

I mean, who can be surprised that when Comcast came in, Olbermann had to go? Didn’t we see the signposts already when KO suspended “Worst Persons in the world” segment in November?

Fixed Noice donates a million dollars to GOP.  No reaction! Keith Olbermann donates 2300 dollars to a few Dems, he gets suspended. It seems that only RWers are allowed to practice their innaliablae rights given to them by the Constitution.

Didn’t we see the signposts after the shootings in Arizona when KO suspended same segment once again?

Comcast isn’t interested in anyone who would bash them on a regular basis. It’s been more the norm than the exception that progressive voices have been demoted, sacked, or taken over by special interest, heavily invested in a corporate takeover of the airwaves.

As soon as Google and youtube became too free and popular, RW forces have their vampire looks on these. when voices attack them on a constant basis, these voices have to be silenced.

As Keith Olbermann can proucdly stepå into the ranks of great American voices that gave us the Europeans an impression that not all americans have gone into a mass psychosis: HL Mencken. Edward R. Murrow. Walter Cronkite. Hunter s. Thompson. In the Iraq war frenzy where practically every news outlet was waving the flag, calling for “towelhead” blood, KO came in as fresh air in the stench of Goebbels like American media.

His departure from MSNBC so conveniently just before comcast and the leadership of MSNBC signed the contract, KO was told that this last Friday would be his last broadcast on the channel. Is it hypoerbolical to mention a conspiracy here? Or just RW special interests whom can’t stand critical voices?

Is KO silenced for good, or is he free and on the loose, planning on a frontal attack on the corrupted MSM, and their RW talking points and bosses? When can we expcect a wikileaks kind of exposure of the whole deal, and the motivation behind it?

Is it too soon to draw ones one conclusions? And when is it time to draw conclusionos? When KO will make a statement himself?

I am not the only writer, and a news junkie to have more questions than answers. And as long as we don’t get any answers from the players themselves, we’d have to do our own research, trying to stitch the pieces together.

This is what Buzzflash editor Mark Karlin wrote over the weekend:

According to James Wolcott of Vanity Fair, the chairman of Comcast Spectacor, Ed Snider, is funding a right-wing cable channel/Internet site called “RightNetwork.” Wolcott sniffs at “RightNetwork” as a “pseudo-populist operation” starring an array of right-wing freaks.

Ominously, Wolcott notes “that it was Snider who invited Sarah Palin to drop the hockey puck at the Flyers’ season opener in 2008, and Palin’s been dropping pucks ever since.”

There’s little reason to doubt that Olbermann’s abrupt exit from MSNBC was the first puck to drop as Comcast slap shots MSNBC away from being a progressive beachhead.

Will these turn of events as of late, and as little information leak out by and by scare the progressive voices that are left at MSNBC? Will Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews and others “moderate2 their language?  To be more kind to their RW counterparts?

Being “fair and balanced” have almost inevitably been a code word for “attack the leftwing commie extremists”, and kiss any RW corporate powermonogers’ ass.

How far will the leadership of MSNBC, and comcast dare to go before they are being exposed as a byunch of cronyistic criminal minds with one thing in mind: to completely annihilate free press, and Truth?

Is their ultimate goal to turn the America into an idiocracy?

Or will the spearheads of voices of reason strike back hard and unexpected?

Personally I think that Julian Assange and Wikileaks DO spread the dirt they have on Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, Sean Hannity, Billo and Glenn Beck. Though will they be treated the same way as how these creeps would treat the progressive movement in America, or would any RW freak be excused once again for any mischief they have been cheerleaders for or purpotrated the last 10 years?

What we do know, is that with Keith Olbermann, a beast was woken. The voiceless and the silenced got their breath of what Corporate America really stood for!

While Sharon Angle only wanted to go to “unbiased” news outlets whom wouldn’t bagder her (code word for pointed and direct questions), and went only to her GOP home at FOX, same channel invited progressives, weak and feeble, or progressives in name only exactly to bagder them! talk about coward politicians and distorting propaganda channels.

Politicians SHOULD be bagdered by the media. They should not use the media as a source of informercials.

Another example of the difference between the decency og Keith Olbermann and the beast himself, Billo:

While FOX invited George Carling, they almost immediately started to shout over him, like they always do when they have someone on the show they do not agree with. And they dragged his name through the mud after he died. Would they have dared to do the same with John Cleese?

Olbermann on the other hand knew what is truth, and what is bullshit! And often, truth tellers are being supressed, or tried being overrun or silenced by the moronic, Reactionary Right. But their attempts fails every time.

It’s true what Spider Jerusalem once said in one of the chapters:

Lies become News, and Truth obsolete…

But I want to steal some words from another excellent writer from DU. Words that gives also me, a small time blogger, a traveller, a some sort of hired PC geek hopes that the good fight is not over. It’s not even the beginning of the end….

Keith Olbermann is not dead. He was not beamed to Neptune, never to be seen or heard from again.

Write it down, carve it in stone, make a note, and bet the farm:

Olbermann will be back.

Somewhere, somehow, some day, in one form or another, Mr. Olbermann will be with us again. We will hear or read his own words on the matter of his departure, and then we will hear him again, and again, and again. Giants do not fall easily, and this particular era of political commentary is not over by a long chalk. Edward R. Murrow had his own troubles with management in the darkness of the McCarthy days, and it did not keep him down or silent one iota. So shall it be with Mr. Olbermann in these dark days of corporate hegemony.

Same as it ever was.

Giants do not fall easily. Count on it.

In the meantime, good night, and good luck.



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