Marie Amalie – Norwegian Shame, once again…

Maria Amalie is her name. She was born in was was known as Soviet Union. For reasons, her parents fled Kaukasus when she was 15. She came to Norway at 16. And gone to school in the country of Nansen ever since. She is without papers. Yet still managed to go to school, and getting herself an education.

Now, the courts have decided to throw her out.

Her crime?

Being an “illegal alien”. Her mistake? Being open about it! Norwegian government has done this before. Thrown out  a pregnant woman back to a vindictive ex. husband in the security forces. We have thrown out traumatized single mothers from Somalia; a victm of mass rape, they threw her out to a bench in a park in an Italy with a RW demagogue and clown named Berlusconi whom thrives in anti-immigrant rhetorics.

And now, a Caucasian girl who’s been writing about her fears, and gotten these fear publisized, and now turned to reality.


Because parapagraphs are sacred in Norway!

Nacht Und Nebel!

The police came to get her just minutes after she left holding a speech in the Nansen School in Lillehammer. Late at night they came. Yet only hours after the attepted secret arrest, the stoy was all over the media. It would be much easier for the Power mongers to do these things in secrcy, would it not? Then they wouldn’t have to face crowds like this!

It would be much easier to send her out in secrecy the 22nd January to an uncertain fate. I hear that people from Kaukasus is not very well treated by Russian nationalists today.

It seems more and more that we live in an Orwellian society. Known extremists are getting a round the clock police protection.  Extremists are getting free speech in the Middle of Oslo. Under police protection.

And teir colleagues are whining about tough working conditions, while having to use 5 big policemen to arrest one small woman whom have never done anything wrong, nor posed a threat to anyone.

I guess she, or at least her case would pose as a threat to our Norwegian government hare being time and time again for what they are and what they truly stand for.

What isreally ironic, ia that our Minister of Justice Knut Storberget, the man whom have the last word in this case sent her a thank you note for the book she once gave him. And now, he, and a rigid justice system is jugding her to an unkown fate without humane regards.

My heart goes out to her and her closest. Not because I am soft. Not because it cries “oh give me sympathy”, but out from empathy. Sometimes saying goodbye for the last time is the hardest thing to do.

And supporting Maria Amelie agains a government that has seemed to go insane is basically the right thing to do…


Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.
H. L. Mencken


3 responses to “Marie Amalie – Norwegian Shame, once again…

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  2. have not heard about her in the last time. Is she OK?
    We are living in last times and battles between good and evil. Thats it. But we still can pray.

    • Update on the Rostani case. It seems that this case is a bit more urgent than Marie Amalie. She at least do not risk any death penalty from an insane theocracy…..

      Please subscribe.

      Also donations are welcome so I can continue to fight injustice and expose the power mongering hypocrites, extremism and suppression…


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