Give me some blasphemy!

It makes life worth living!

Give me some blasphemy, and step on some sore religious toes!

As if the religious freaks gives others respect!

Give me some blasphemy! Make some cartoons!

And make the fundies go insane!

Give me some blasphemy!

And challenge the existence of the invisible spook in the sky!

Piss in a christening fountain!

Barf in a bishops pointy hat!

Give the dogmatic robots something to whine about!

And make them defend their insatiable claims.

Quote their books, take a stand!

And prove to them that their dogmas of faith is nothing more than the extention

of the tooth fairy and Santa Claus.

that their faith is nothing more than selfish dreams

imposed on people whom are too weak of opting out

and fending off

Send this to your local priest or imam…



2 responses to “Blasphemy

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