Ireland – A greeting from Salmon Leap

England was too boring for me. Dorset is like Hobitton.

I told my previous employer that I’d give them 1 year of my life. But held it clear that if something turned up during that ear, I’d be gone. The bastards are missing my ass now.  And guess what? I miss them too! Well, I miss the weather.

I went from green fields and trees to the green island all covered in white!

And my destinatioin: A place where my ancesotrs once were kings and named the place: Leixlip!

A small village outside of Dublin. A place of memories and history.

Battles have been fought here.  The first Guinness was brewed here!

And take a stroll into the Court Yard Hotel in the middle of the main street Leixlip, and you’ll have a draft brewed the same place as the first draft was brewed.¨

Nower days the village is being dominated by two major comapanies. Hewlett Packard and Intel. 3500 people work in HP alone. And they come from all over the world.

I work for one of them.  And due to circumstances, they must assist any mercinary like me with any request I might have. That’s how they by my loyalty off… For at least a while. 

One chapter of another journey is over. Now, I spend my weekend at a lovely wee place a few miles outside of the village at Luca, dreaming of showing this to an even lovelier woman, to start a new chapter in this life long journey of a journeyman…



2 responses to “Ireland – A greeting from Salmon Leap

  1. I hope your stay will work out things for you my friend. Irland, the island I have for too many years dreamed of going to. The music, the whiskey and the country itself.

    My best wishes for you, your’re a true viking from the north.

    Now, get some money and go out and drink some Gunniness !!!

  2. Hei!

    Hvordan står det til på øya? Har den også møtt på snøen i år? Vel håper du har funnet deg til rette og stiftet nye bekjentskaper.

    Jeg drar som sagt over til Liverpool 25.desember og blir der til neste år. Jeg skulle gjerne ha tatt turen over til Irland, men blir nok værende i Liverpool da jeg drar sammen med et par stykker som trenger litt selskap.

    Det er noen fotballkamper på programmet men nok av tid for puber og annet fanteri. Har du noen planer for julen? Hvis ikke ta deg gjerne en tur over så kan vi møtes.

    Hvis du har noen mailadresse du vil oppgi tar jeg kontakt på den.

    Ha en strålene natt :-).

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