A commentary on Prop 19


 Let’s take this from a judicial level. Any prohibtionists talking points are mostly politically loaded, with no resemblance to reality. So most prohibitionists sargumentswould be inconseqential if he didn’t have the “law” on his side. It would be like some bible or Quran thumper using sircular arguement to impose his desert view on rationalists.

  • Prohibition is if painted with a broad brush a direct violation if the Constitution. While George Washington, Ben Franklin adn the rest of the Founding Fathers grew hemp, and several of them were pot heads, they wrote the Bill of Rights. Prohibition violates the 1st, 4th & 14th Amendment.

  • How you might ask?

    1st: Life liberty & pursuit of happiness. Prohibition is limiting all 3 fundaments of this. Besides, it’s also an infringement on peoples religious freedom. Native Americans whom have used psychoactive vaults like Peyote, pcilocybin mushrooms, mescaline, Salvia Divonorum for centuries. Rastafarai have smoking of weed a part of their sacrament.

    4th: Right to privacy. to have a government telling you what you can & cannot grow and consume is the prime example.

    14th: Equal protection of the law. If you are caught, sentenced and imprisoned for posession, you have no equal civilliberties anymore. Besides from being stigmatised, you have lost your right to vote. Equal protection under the law anyone? You are de facto stripped of your citizenship when convicted.  Three strikes and you’re out, means that you can risk lifetime in prison with three joints. Are you living in “The Land of The Free”, or in Soviet Russia?

  • There are two other things to consider: The background for prohibition, and the forces behind it. It’s the same forces whom want to still prohibit it, besides from the kingpins themselves: Pharma, Lumber industry, active law enforcements whom are looking for more funds, prison system, and over zealous puritans. Read on Harry Anslinger and his racial slurs to start a new witch hunt.

  • The other point is how Nixon refused to listen to reason, and lied about the rapport he had ordered himself. This means that power mongers, corrupt ones as such do not take pesky things as facts into consideration when enforcing their policies….

  • What motivates people to endorse prohibition?

  • 1. Power. An anti libertarian tendency to controll peoples’ private behaviour. No matter how benign that might be.

    2. Lies! As their lies are being exposed time and time again, they consider it as a weakness to having to admit that they have been wrong all along, and admit that their policies were based on blatant lies.

    3. economical. Many vocal prohibitionists in  a power postion and have a public vocie, have also economical intrests in keeping a draconian law.

    4. Politics. For many years, politics, like religion have trumped rationality and reason. If 90% of the people knew what lies they have been served, they would revolt. As long as politicians are treating their constiuency like mushrooms, feed them with BS and keeping them in the dark, props like the 19 will never come in to Congress. Despite the fact that they are upholding an unconstitutional prohibition.  If they knew they could win elections on legalization, they would campaign on it like crazy.

    Signing out Good night, and good luck!



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