Roma, an eternal reminder of Europes shame

70 years ago, the Roma faced the same fate as Jews. Yet they are still being treated as sub humans. Sarokozys expulsion in a true RW fashion proves this.

History is repeating itself as long as people like Sarkozy and Berlusconi is in power.

In Italy Forza Italia have endorsed the new Brown shirts whom are patrolling the streets to find dark skinned people to bash, or gypsy camps to burn. In France, Sarkozy is evicting whole camps due to his notion of their criminality. How he gets a hold of this “valuable” information is beyond me.

In Norway, RWers have thrown themselves on the bandwagon of gypsy bashing. Obviously oblivious to the 800 years of persecution. Thinking that this does not matter whatsoever. Traumatization does not matter according to them. Up until just 40 years ago, Norway did commit the same attrocities to the Roma as the Nazis did. Sterilisation, lobotimzation, eviction, and plain work camps.

Only one Norwegian official have apologized for this treatment. Off course, the RW party the “Progressives” keep their mouths shut. They let the other do the apology for them. Despite the fact that it’s a RW problem as well as a “socialist” problem.

According to SAS personel in Madrid, roma have no rights. Latest news about this is that when a flight got so delayed that SAS treated all passengers to a nice hotelroom. Except for a rom family. According to personell “you have not the same rights as the others. You are Roma! you’re flying arounf on proper tax payers money!”

The same personell also accused the family of having falsified tickets, and threatened to call the police on them.

If I only knew whom said this. Full name would be spread, and 120 000 Norweghian kroners (12 000 punds) is nothing in comparrison to the treatment I would give these perpotrataitors. I would drag their names through the mud, and humiliated SAS so bad that they would be forced to sack this sack of garbage that represents an airline I once held in reverence.

I may also suggets that the “nobleman” Sqarkizy being lobotomized, and nutered, and thrown out of France with nothing but a bag of garbage for belongings. We can’t afford that he would be able to spread his seeds. Think ogf it! He’s married to a fucking whore!

Berlusconi is another dwarf, and whore monger whom should be submitted to the same treatment. He is also a known criminal. So instead of being evicted from his “dear” Italy, he should be thrown in prison, and  used as a jizzcatcher by the same roma he have persecuted for years now….

Let the punishment fit the crime!



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