The three stooges and a Celtic princess who threw me under the bus…

Stooge no. 1:

The true BS of them al!

He was once just like me! travelling around the world. Fuckiing women where verer he found them.

The thing is, that his daughter hates his guts! I can understand why. Despite the fact that I once defended his sorry ass while he was fucking my mother and didn’t have enough sperms to get me a brother.

Becasue my mom actually couldn’t handle more than oine of me, as she said.

It makes me think that she¨’s nothing more than domeone who didn’t have a codnom at the time when she was fucking some bisexual piece of shit that fled down t6o Spain thinking I would think of him as my father.

To put it pluntly: No writer in Norway got nothing on me!Stooge no 2  is the biggest traitor of them all! Portraying herslef as an Elvish Queen, she betrayes me and everything I stand for! ‘While fucking a sailor, marryirng him, thinking he’s got an ounce of wisdom I can’t figure out for my self, and still think she’s gotta the wisdom thinking she gotr an ounce on me!

While my father is betrayed me when I was a wee kid, thinking I hate him while I’m punching the out of Spanishe coppers, and ask me the dumbest question he could ever ask:

“Are you angry at me?”

Nah! I just hate your fucking guts dad for petraying me! jhat do you tink? 

Both traitors without an ounce of integritey!

I curse them, both!

I will have no rest until I can spit on their graves!

They hate me! But ,my strength will overcome their pettiness and their hypocricy!

Stooge no. 2 once wrote a book!

She thought she was a genoius while being ficked by Charles!

Their both nothing more than lizzards!

I will not rest until I se their rotten corpses in theirt graves! Because they both betrayed me!

I show no mercy towards traitors!

They think they got an edge, but they don’t!

They are both hypocritical, cheep bastards both! They don’t desreve to be my family!

 I will destroy them piece by piece!

There wil bew no mercy from me! ‘

The Old “Elvish Queen” have betrayed me many times, and thinik she’s a writer!

She works for a bitg company, yet ashe betrayed her own son!

She desreves nothing but contempt!

Because she is cheap!

And stooge no. 1  is nothing more than a impotent bastard who’re just waiting for a good beating!

I hoper you rot in your hut somewhere where I’m not around!

I tell you one thing: PISS OF!

It dawned on me when someone I loved threw me under the bus in 2007, blaiming me for the silliest thing, shutting me out to be able to help!

Have happy lives witout me…


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