The Old Fool

 Old Mrs. Abrahamsen was reminded abvout her reckless youth by the old stork, Werner Abrahamsen. She wanted him to take it easy, and calm a bity down. “You! You have no rioght to give me moral preachings”, he bursted out. “You ran off with one of the most bohemian artists for three years to the dissarray to your bourgeois family! You can be glad that your uncle, the dead carpus of a priest didn’t know what you did! He d get another heart attack! Mrs. Abrahamsen went back into memory. Shen was only 20 years old, and wanted to become a painter. So she went to Russia when the century was young, and the world haven’t g0one insane yet, she asked the old foolish Russian Writer for adviice! “I want to become an artist” she said to the old legend. “But hoe can I paint art when there are so many people suffering?” “My child. You should live your life as a beautiful art yourself! You are what God meant to be! You should care for people and give up your dreams of beccoming an artis!!& She left him with a sorrow heart. The old folls wife, the Russiahn Writer legends wife followed her to the train station. “Don’t listen to this old foll! He lives ion a giant big lie!

He brags about being vegetarian! Eating but one bowl of soup every day! Truth is, that ik cook the soup of the stock of a whole chiicken!” He brags aboutr being vegetarian, and eats a whole chicken every day It’s how men are! They are old fools,, thinking they can take the world on with a bowl og vegetable soup, and eat whole hens without knowing about it.” With those words, Old Mrs Tolstoj left the young damsell who became a loving wife for an old stork who could take on the whole world when he was younger. It’s just a shame that the lizzards have now taken over, and they have no honor…

 Morten Alme

from Jens Bjørneboe, “Jonas”


2 responses to “The Old Fool

    • Do you miss my old rants, or is it something else bothering you?

      I alwasy post something useful on my site when I write something. But then again, opinions vary…

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