Aftenposten… Sencorship du joure no; freedom of speech”

While theswe bastards are praisuing freedom of spreech, they are censoring me!


Because I write the Bloody Truth!

Aftenposten is infesteded by RW Freeper Freaks whom are aligned with otther fascist anbd rasicts covering under the loaberl of “relilgion critics”…

By banning me, Aftenposten have proven to be enemies of freedom  of speech!

Shabana Rehman, my old editor shold leave this nasty fascst paper at once in order to get some balance nto th equation.

It seems that Aftenposten only allows controvercial meanings when it comes to their RW agenda! To turn Norway, my country into a police state!

Where each opinion or written word can be monitored and sencoered by the “right wionged” and schooled political agendas.

I have seen rasist blogs, and opinions that have not shocked me, but surprised me.

They seem to have an honorary place in Aftenposten!

They tolereta RW fasict sencorship, yet they don’ty tolerate independent blogs!

Aftenposten, my old newspaper haver become a FASCIST  paper and forum!

I will find out who stands behind the sencorshiup of me and make this pieacer of garbage’s life very miserablke!”

Because these vultures want to kill me,’but ‘ will co9me back to haunt  Aftyenposten like a demon comming back from the grave! I vow o destroy Aftenposten as long as they still keep on sensoring free speech.

Aftenposten is an enemy of free speech, and they have turned this int0 a personal matter!

Maybe it’s time for the Irish Writer to come to Norway and make Aftenpostens life very  miserable!a

They WILL have me as an enemy as long asd they are nemeies of freedom of speech!

And I will destroy Aftenposten!

I know that Aftenpposten is filled with corruption abnd partisanship and fascism! Just look at their owners! Just look at the editors in Aftenposten that got my old editoprts kiled!


I even have names! I have their numbers!

¨Please! Pioss me off a bit more!

You will loose!

‘I will piss on your rotten graves!

Because none of you are worthy of kissing mine!



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