Special Comment… And Follow up

It seems that many Norwegians have no shame.

On several forums, the RWers couldn’t give a damn. Or they are exposing themselves as the racists they really are. They are much more cooncerned with women weariung hijabs in Norway and how they are being oppressed by their husbands than one hard core example in the Fahidas and her little sons case.

I am ashamed over some of my countrymens attitude about this. The land of the Vikings, Ibsen, Bjørnsson and Nansen alos carries forth new generations of village idiots, RWers and regular red neck bastards.

They have no shame!

In fact, they are gloating in their xenophobia, hiding like cowards under the notion of “Islam critisism”. One genious accused me of supporting the likes of Muyhyldeen and Mulla Krekar and their ilk, while attacking a defendsless woman. I guess some people don’t know the meaning of the word sarcasm.

New update:

The head honcho Terje Skjeggestad of Norwegian Immigration authorities have now spoken!

He accused Faithas doctor for being an “acitivist”. I wonder what he meant be that word. He went down to Genoa to check up on them. Instead of being criticised, he should be awarded with a medal.

Dr. Ulf Hørlyk, who’s an immigrant himself is now evalutating his own situation in this country as an immigrant.

This case is turning very ugly. Terje Skjeggestad claims that Faitha has lied, and that she does have asylum status in Italy. He claims so. I wonder if the journalists asked for some sort of documentation on this claim. Or did they take his words at face value?

Terje Skjeggestad has exposed himself to be a dangerous man; With too much power, and complete lack of humanity. It sort of reminds me of some of those beauraucrats I have met myself these past ferw days.

These creeps in power positions are using a hell of a lot of brain gymnaistics to defend their position. I guess they have too much pride to admit that they are a bunch of jackasses without an ounce of humanity.

In my opinion is Skjeggestad no better than the Stapo police that went out hunting down Jews in Norway in 1942 for them to be arrested and sent to Germany. We all know what happened to 750 human beings in the “care” of Hitler don’t we?

I consider Berlusconi and his Forza Italia of being of the same ideological ilk as any fascist movement. And people like Skjeggestad is their useful idiots.

I hope that the main characters in this drama will read this. Because I want them to know how much I despise them and everything that they stand for.

They are the people who make me hate being in Norway. They make me ashamed of being Norwegian.

But is seems that these control freaks with the money and the power is doing the best they can to keep me here.

I’m sorry assholes!

Before you can force me to stay by refusing me the economical support I need, and have a right to, I think I must become a highwayman again. I think that power mongers are very likely “victims” of their unacceptable behaviour.

I’ll give up my citizenship in a split second in exchange for Faithas and her wee son a safe haven in the country of Nansen and Bjørneboe!



2 responses to “Special Comment… And Follow up

  1. I would say that it is the rightwingers who are complaining about Hijab and integration, who are the most compassionate and intrested in this case. They have no love for the norwegian immigration-system, where people in danger are being thrown out , while criminals are protected. Fahida should go and do something criminal, then she is secured a norwegian citizenship for life, in our idiotic leftist immigration system.

    Also , the RW’er are those who are the strongest opponents of Iran and islamic fundamentalism, which is the core of the problem here.

    • RWers compassionate?

      Ha! Ha! You are a funny giser! IT’s the RWers who have fouund something new to hide their racism under! If you don’t get that, you are an idiot! I suggest that you open a book and a newspaper every once in a while! Pick up your passort, apply for a visa, order a tict and do a journey into the axis of evil! Do that, then come back to me, and then we’ll talk! There are no such thing as “leftwiongers” in Norway! The whole shithole has turned to the right!

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