Norwegian Shame

A few days ago there was an article there was an article in one of my old newspapers about a young woman from Middle East that came here for refuge.

It so happened that she was subjected to a 20 hour long gang rape by her “helpers” while her 6 year old son was witnessing this.

she got treatment at a hospital in Bergen, and as soon as she could walk, she was thrown out of the country. Now, she and her son is living from hand to mouth on a bench in the RWer Berlusconis Italy.

This is her story, and I iam quoting:

After 4 years on the refuge, she ended up in Bergen, norway. My birth town.

Her name is Fathia Omar. She recieved treatment for phsyical and mental trauma after multible sexual mistreatments. But in the middle of her treatment, she was forcibly sent out of this country. My country.

As traumatized as she was, she was still left on her own in Genoa in Italy.

“I still have stitches on from my surgery” she says.  there’s no doctor in Italy that want to have a look at them” she says.

About 2 weeks ago, the norwgian police nocked on her door. They gave her and her wee son an hour to get packed, say good bye to her husband and forced out of the country escorted by two policemen to Genoa.

As she is traumatized, so is her 6 year old son! This reminds me of someone very dear to me in Belfast. A young other whom I once was in love with, and her now 8 year old son, whom I still carry with me in my thoughts. If anything ever happened to them, I would take out a gun again.

Nower days, futhia Omar and her wee son Umir on the benches in Genoa, and the nights at the train station.

“It’s all the worse for him” she tells in an interview, refering to her wee child.

This brings me to another story. This reminds me of a rich bastard in Norway that goes by the name Stian Stiansen. He also have a history of rape, violence and abuse towards a mother and her son living with him.

“My son can’t sleep at night” the 25 year old mother says.  “He cries a lot,  and ask for Daddy”…

“But now, it’s day, and we can keep the traumas on an armlengths distance for the little boy.” For a few moments, he chases a yellow plastic bag as a free toy from the gutter in the piazza.

The laughter is in his eyes. He is full of color on his face from the pens that the journalist gave hiom as a present.

His traumas will still follow him for the rest of his life. And his mother will always have a broken dream of a peaceful existence without her husband by her side. the one who should protect her and his son from all evil.

This young boy have been on escape all his life. All due to Big Mens and religous politics!

It makes me sick to my soul!

This is her story.

Just after Munir was bborn, his father was killed by a local militia called Al-Shabaab. Out of fear for her own life, she escaped her home town Mogadishu. She travelled north with her baby through the desert to Libya.

there she got a job as a house maid for some local king pin and let someone else take care of little Munir while she was working.  Two years ago, the son of the owner of the house turned up, kidnapped her, and incarcerrated her in an metpy warehouse and started the misuse that lasted almost three weeks.

They turned up daily to take turns in raping her. After 20 days, her uteruce was so fucked up that they couldn’t use her as a jizz catcher anymore. So they let her go right into the street.

When Fathia sought contact with the babysitter, she told her that she had brought little Munir to Rome to other refugees with the notion that Fathia was dead.

With help from other illegal immigrants and refugees she scraped enough money to get smuggled to Rome where she found her son again.  For a while she survived by working illegally as a housemaid until she was thrown out on the street where a gang of punks tried to rape little Munir.

Fathia came in contact with a Somalian man in Norway through internet, whiche ended up with her coming to Norway and they got married.

In August 2009 she came to Norway.  Her doctor Ulf Hørlyk quickly realized that she neede extensive treatment for both physical and psycological traumas.

He put the wheels in swing and got her admitted to Haukeland Hospital in Bergen.

Psychologist Elin Mæhle concluded that both mother and son suffered from PSTD.

Fathia is confused, deperessed and traumatized.

Most of all, I think she’s extremely afraid. After the treatment she’s gotten from different forces, I wonder if she will be able to trust anyone ever again.  (My own assesment)

Her doctor agrees.

Dr.  Hørlyk have seen many cases. But none as brutal as this.  Neither doc or psycologist knew that she would be evicted.

“She may not have a right to asylum in Norway, but her treatment was not finished yet” the two doctors claim.

Fathia is included in the so called Dublin declaration,  which claims that she and her son should be prossessed in the country she comes to first.

The Norwegian Immigration Office have decided she was not worth the effort, and decided to follow the rules of Dublin, like the good little beauraucrats they are, and sent her to Italy. Without regards to her situation. and the two policemen must have felt very proud when they merely did their damned duty!

This is unacceptable” claims  Sylo Taraku, secretary of immigrants interest group.

The rules says clearly that no one should be evicted before an eventual treatment is completed.

There are many reasons that she should stay in Norway!

But none of these reasons were good enough for the authorities. 

Her lawyer Bjørn Nærvik showed absolutely no interest in even looking into her case and make an effort.

I suspect him to be a racist by nature, and should be disbarred from practicing law ever again. In my eyes, this freak of naturwe blongs in Vigrid or some other neo bnazi group where he and his ilk can be dispalyed as the village idiot he is.

When being confronted by journalists, he is filled with enimosity and have no interest in disgussing the case. According to him, fathias treatment was inconsequential.

According to her and her husband, they were never asked about anything else but the elementary questions from her lawyer.

She speak s a little Norwegian, but no English. A somalian man Nur Sheikh Ali have been contributing as an interpreter say this:

“I feel  with them. But I cant’t help them.  here, everyone must take care of themselves! I can take care of my self, but a single woman from Africa with a child stands no chance what so ever!!

I might add on my own account that the rich fat little fascist bastard Berlusconi have declared war on human beings like her.

“Italy is like an African country” he says. “It doeszn’t work! and the Italian police acts like the local Mafia”.

In the decission, the officials claim that it’s up to the Italian officials to secure Fathia and her little son. And that’s why they made this decision.

The marriage is not a document enough by itself, they claim.

The journalist gets up about to leave. then he realize why little Munir seemed so happy. He thought that the journalist Kristoffer Rønneberg was coming to get him and his mommy and take them back to norway and the man he calls daddy.

This story is not mine. I pledge my respect and honor to mr. Rønneberg who’s made an excellent journalistic hand work.

This story needs to be told in more than one language. This story needs to be spread to as many places as possible. These two beautiful human beings need and deserve all the help and support they can get. Anyone claiming differently I will call Evil.

I will lieave for England for work this easter. But I will gladly put my small one room  flat to disposition to keep these two in Norway. I will do my best to get them back here, and make them feel welcome! And I will gladly break the norwgian Laws du joure in the process. Because there is something called integrity. Somethin thaT NORWEGIAN OFFICIALS HAVE NO CLUE WHAT REALLY MEANS!


Give me one reason why I shouldn’t drag the names of these pigs through the mud time and time over!

I am pissed! And I have a very good reason to be!



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