Insight of life depends on the depts of depression…

It’s a quote from once a 15 year old girl.

This my adaptation of this quote to English, so that you humanoids that only know English can understand it.

It felt as if this was somehow stolen from me. But it wasn’t. It was hatched out of the mind of a 15 year old girl who’s now 20!

According to tests, she’s a genious.

In my eyes, these are thoughts of someone who’s thoughts and intelligence of human nature goes deeper than anyone I have ever had the pleasure or displeasure of encounter.

The father who gave me this quote gave me this quote. No strings attached. Which means I am free to use it for any purpose I see fit.

It’s because I have been living this bloody life of uppers and downers for the last 37 bloody years!

These words spoke to me directly. These are words that are easy to understand once you’ve lived through them!

There’s another thing to take into considration: The Journey!

the journey of your own life1 Most my time, I’ve been yearning for a new horizon after coming home from one. I don’t know where home is anymore.

I think I know, but after only a few months, I sink into a self pittying state of mind where the feeling of being misunderstood, or my travels don’t matter to the workaholics or dope heads that I call my friends and family don’t matter anyomore!

It was a good story, and nothing more!

Now, let us get back to our business of getting high on our jobs, or our ways of getting fucked up on drugs.

Or as my step dad said it so elequeantly, “don’t ask us for more money on your adventures! You’re supposed to be a grown up1 Go if that’s what you want! Now, blow off!”

I’m sure that these words will come back into his life and bite his luxury ass someday!

Because whatever BS his been going through was well deserved. And nbow, he’s projecting that over on me!

The bastard, Karl R. Johansen once told me I don’t know anything. I have no skill!

That coming from a man who’s been escaping both his kids, and are now living under my thumb. Or at least live under someonebody elses thumb.

And this creature whos real kids hate his guts, are trying to put me under, is trying to put me down. Sorry mates!

Insight in life correlates on the depts of depressions.

Something that only I in this Ibsenian family would know something about.

Many years ago, when I was still a student, trying to find my way after my tour of duty I wrote poetry to young women, or girls as that might be the case.

One girl came up to me as I sat on my regular seat at Bar 2 Be in Oslo, and wanted to read some of my stuff as I wrote them.

“You are so deep” she exlaimed.

“Ah! These lines only scratches the surface girl”, I parred back to her.

Little did I know how right I was at the time of Happy Hour back in ’95.

And my step father seem not to grasp the idea! Save from reading my blog! Thinking his shallow thoughts, not having a bloody clue, or learned something excpet for keeping on to his wallet like a tight Scrooge!

What he’s tought me along with the rest of my family is my love for journeys. Journeys deeper into the soul of man kind. The cultures that might enrichen our society today, and new tools to fight off the desctructiveness of lack of insightfullness.

My own family may have travelled further than me, and for longer time.

But none of them have ever gone to the depts of where I have been!

Yet my journey is not over! To find the skeletton of the human soul.  Will I find a dead carcuss, or will I find something more beautiful that I have ever encountered?

My depts of depressions have not taken away my small dream.

To have my own little cottage in Hobbitun England. A loving wife who’s tough enough to hear my stories of adventure. Small kids I can write fairy tales to, and a dog who’ll be at my side at all time, even when I write, and shut everyone else out…

Is that too much to ask?



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