Dr. Gonzo.. A Sellout Punk in the End?

  I know that there’s gonna be a lot of upset readers out there. Specially my own readers, whom are also affectionate towards the Great man himself..

I have my own reasons to ask this question.

 I’ve been using him and his writings as a cruch for years when life have turned shitty. I always carry «Happy Birthday Jack Nicholson» in my side pocket of my waist coat or my jacket.

 Somethng have struck my mind lately.

 It’s his 11. Septemb story. As much as he was right about his prophecies on what was going to happen in America in the years after that, no one took his words serioulsy. Well, perhaps with the exception of Bush & Cheney (may they rot in a pulp of their own vomit, and choke on their own WMDs).

 There was somoething about the old dopefeind that was not right. It seemed as if also he was scared into submission.

 He joined the flock of frightened sheep looking for their herder. Yet he knew that this herder was the big bad wolf himself!

 Dr. Gonzo: The tough bastard who smoked opium in Saigon while bombs were flying aorubnd his ears; The baddass who broke Nixon into pieces at every opportunity; The prophet who saw the Reagan years in its true color: Greed, lies, government crimes that would make Watergate look like nicvking apples in the nearby grocery in comparrison;

The man behind Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas; Being high as a cite right in the middle of a police convetntion in the middle of Sin City and Mafia Fort.

 Suddenly, his writings became quite tame. There was nothuing new. He joined the rest of the bastards who never dared to ask questions. Instead he kept repeating himself to boredom, looking back on the Golden Years.

I know that all dissens and critical reasoning became a treasoness offence when the highly suspicious «patriot Act» was installed. Through the midnight oil, I might add.

 But I thought that Dr. Gonzo had balls. A dick swininging in the wind, and not some sissy prissy maid with a small weenie.

 I may have been wrong.

 He never dared to ask the right questions. He never raized his voice in the wilderness. Or never bothered.

 It seems that ture journalism suffocated and died during the reign of Fox News and Cheney.

 Not even Karen Thomas threw hardball questions during those years.

I’m sure that the Bush administration can be reliefed that I or someone like me had press credentials during press briefinigs, and press conferences. I would have practiced actual journalism on these vermins.

 I know that the cripple on Owl Farm was probably sickened about what was happeing in his country. Unpresedented, overgoinig all the scandals and crimes he’s previously witnessed. He must have gone not shock and awe, not believing what was happening.

 For one thing: I was struck myself. The days and weeks after 9.11, I couldnæt concentrate on my own writng. I was writng my short stories at the time. The fuckers with turban, bush, and most of all, Bill O’Reilly with his nightly rants blew me up in a frenzuy of rage. Not particilarly against the high jackers, but his immense talent for distorting the Truth, and complete disregard for his profession as a journalist.

It took me four months to get over the schock to my journalistic glance.

 I knew than that the RW hacks have high jacked the News, and steared it towards the clifs, heading for complete disaster. A trainwreck looks prettier than this.

I wrote a piece on 9.11 just a week after.

It was rejected by most newspapers. My old deceased publisher said that he couldn’t publish this. Even he was afraid. Of what? That the truth might leak out?

 That these leaches was nothing but a bunch of crooks on the same level as the high jackers?

 And what was Hunter himself spending his time with?

 Beside from having target practice on Nixon masks from his wheel chair, belching porr Kentucky Whiskey and smoking himself into oblivion, he was on a big story as he told, on the White House and gay prostitution.

That’s no knews. We all know that GOP officials who rant about queernes are closet screaming queens.

 According to Dr. Gonzo himself, this story was big. So it must have been different than the old story where the White House is being used as a brothel for sexual deviants.

 So why did the bastard chicken out in the end?

 Why did he sell out his soul, while a bunch of future teabaggers were lighting candles outside the WH looking for protection from their big Brother?

 Why did he suddenly go all quiet? Why the WH male prostitution? Why was this bigger than Iorangate and Watergate combined?

 According to Doug Stanhope, Hunters untimely death was not something that his hard core fans lamented. These potheads thought it was a stroke of genius. At least he died as he lived, and practiced what he preached.

 I’m sorry fans. I tend to disagree with you.

 No bloody writer blows his brains out when in the middle of a story. As a writer myself, whos attempted to blow my own carcus off this bloody miserable planet every once in a whie the last 20 years, know that doing this in the middle of a story, is plain chickenhawk talk.

 Either this was a Cheney assassination, or he soled out as any other brainless coward…

 Either he was killed, or he joined the sellout punk Timothy Leary as a loser and flip flopper…

So whom are you gonna look for now, eh?

the RW fascists have higjacked the airwaves, and media.

Keith Olbermann is just as much a corporate bitch as the next one. Mike Malloy is minisculed.

Bill Maher have sucked himself into uncotroversial bullshit, and is not a newsman.

So who whom are you spineless liberals gonna look for when the Teaparty klan rallies are waliking all over you, and you’re too chickenshit to speak up. don’t go to Huffington Post. That’s a chatroom for whiners. Daily KOs keep their rantings to a minimal level, not having the guts to stalk these bastards. Matt Taibbi is about to sell out his soul to MSM, and whatever credentials he have, would be for a record promo at best.

You need a new Dr. Gonzo with the balls to seek out the Truth, relentlesly. You need someone who can actually bark up the right tree, and not just talk in samples….



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