Personal Insults

I love a good insult. Though most personal insults come as a lack of intelligent argumentation, or when all arguments are refuted.  Personal in sults very often comes when someone feels insulted on behalf of ones mythological deity, where one have travelled thrrough life thinking ones own belief system is infallible. Religious people often use personal insults. So does people of every kind of dogmatic ideology.

Specially when it has a certain flair or creativity to it. Tholugh most personal insults are repeated time and time again, by various people who’s gotten their “ideas” from the same source.

I can understand it when you’re fetting the broken record 17 times a day.

 I call it lack of creativity and lack of good booze and drugs…. And most of all. lack of experience…

So. please, when trowing me an insult of being a pinko pasifist, keep in mind, I was once a Marine!

And I know how to throw you off base at will.

And do not worry! Even though when you try to thorw insults at me, and will clearly loose, I will be able to find out where you live through your IP address,  and through som actual wikileaks journalism, doesn’t mean I will track you down like the rabbid dog you are and put you out of everybody else’s misery…



One response to “Personal Insults

  1. Nice try little waste of a human life.

    Didn’t you try to get a job as a human waste paper basket?

    I see from your email address that you’re

    Does that mean you’re a ganitor in some us govt department or something?
    Don’t you worry you little piece of shit. I got track on every mental pygmee that writes into my blog.

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