Arrests at U. S. Capitol, re: Closing Gitmo/Torture

Have United States of America become a fascist statè?

Every time I see footage of a peace protest in US, the police is right there not to keep order, and ensure the freedom and security of the protesters, but to make arrests, breaking their 1st amendment rights. Why didn’t i.e. the heckler at the Democrat rally be taken care of like these people are being takien care of quicker?

Whenever Teabaggers are around with signs like “We came unarm,ed… This time”. these domestic morons aren’t being suppressed, but endorsed by fascist congressman from the RW fringes of the GOP.
Teabaggers aare in fact allowed to make direct threats, and violence. They are loud, crued and completely ignorant. Gullible to the daily hqate speech of Limbaugh, Beck & Billo.
Yet these fringes are complaining about their freedom of speech and their freedoms in general. Why did thhey never protest against the un American Patriot Act, and the treasones Free Speech zones?
Is it because they have a partisan perception on what is freedom? Is it because they are onlty for freedom when it comes to them, and not anybody else?
I wonder what would happen if Teabaggers stood before Congress demonstrating for MORE war. Would the police come and arrest them, or would they be joined by yet another badge of the fringe wing of the GOP in Congress?
The worst part of it is, that most Teabaggers have no clue on what they are protesting. They have no knowledge on the terms they are using.
They are protesting other peoples freedoms to choose their own path in life. Wether it be free choice of abortion up to a certain time, gay marriage, legalization of Marijuana, and health care for all.
These brave protesters on this footage actually know what they are protesting. They are peaceful, and make no loud noises.
Yet they are the ones being treated as criminals.

I’m asking questions, and I demand answers!

Can someone please explain this to me?

I would appreciate replies from both sides….



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