A good bye message from some lovely people

For once, I got drunk on a Thursday. Friday was my last day. Those 8 hours did not matter so much anymore. Andze Boss wasn’t in that humour anyway.

He walked over to me when I was in the of a conversation with a customer.

“I want you out of here right now” he tells me

here’s a scenario on what I could say. The bastard did not look friendly.

Fucking brillianyt! I can leave now? What did I do to deserve this honor?

Hey boss,! I’m fucking busy! Talk to me later you amiba, OK?

“Just finish the call and you are out of here!”

It seems like this semi human speeschies think that he or anyone has had any pow over me.

He’s wisely kept away from me for three months. but onlyt hours after I spread my blog, my writings from a time of insanity and a few truths tooo, they didn’t like what I have written.

“I can hardky wait to say to you what I feel about tyou and your whole fucking abuse of people!

Getting away from there was like getting away from a bloody prison. The hole ordeal was for something different. And I couldn’t give a shit…

I seee that I’m not very popular amongst the terminally gullible.

I have a suspition to why ze Boss came over to me and wanted me out of there.

You might attack me for wheterver you want. But to attack me personally for something I wrote and let ze Boss do the dirty work is nothing more than cowardess.
And that from someone I do not know whom is.
Maybe it’s a trend going around. Whisper behind someones back and then stab you when you do some writing.
This female, must be admin send an email around telling everybody that my blog is rubbish.
And to ignore it. Ignore it so much that ze boss went up to me and really put himself out there by “firing” me an hour and a half earlier than normal on my last day.
It seems that being controversial about certain things have its prize.
A prize I have paid dearly for many years already.
And what do I get attacked for? My clothing!
As I have tried to keep a low profile despite my exentric style, someone must have had it in for me for reasons not explained, unless I have offended someone unwittingly during my time in NPL. but that was not it. someone did not like what I wrote. and if what I’m writing is just rubbish, there’s no problem, except for in the mind of some people with a warped seanse of reality. If what I am writng is true, then one should be carefull in lashing me in the back with a boss that looks and acts like some robotic seargent major without human reflexes except for his notion of using his power as he wants.
Or maybe he wanted me out there for a different reason. Maybe it’s because I came in with a hangover like everybody else for a change.

Since my blog obviously generated such reactions, I must have touched the truth.  And then Marie Kelly from some admin must be full of it. But she and Aiden hughes wnet about it the wrong way. They thought they would get me out of their nose hairs by coming with sneak attacks while I’m in the middle of a conversation with a customer have obviously no idea that I’ve gone through this before, and it only strengthens my credibility amongst people who got a brain and knows how to use it.

I will hopefully never see them again. and I do appreciate gatting off the hook an hour earlier. and I went out with a blaze of glory. If what I have written is only fiction, then there would be nothing to worry about. If there’s an ounce of truth to what I write and stand for, most anyone with a power position should have something to worry about. I might continue my rants, and rant on them. They will hear a lot more of me.  But I will not hear from them. Which suits me fine.

Unless some of them want to write in personal insults on my own blog, I will have to take written action and answer back.

Unfortunately for them, I know about Patrick Kavanagh and what he used to write about while liviing ini dundalk himself for a while. He wrote about his neighbours and depicted them in not always in a sympathetic way. I might do the same thing on people and a company that have thought they have had an ounce of power over me for one split second.

I don’t think that anyone in a power position at Finnbar would excpect me to answer back with this furiosity. Well, they should have read my blog a bit closer, and they will soon understand that I take bullshit from no one. And I was just handed a plate full just about an hour before my official departure from there.

Personally I wouldn’t give give a rats arse about what they think of me. I am already gone in my mind from this place already. A one whore town with provincial mind settings. they are not used to controversy.

What they trul do did not excpect is that I might give my insight of the one I call ze Boss….

I will have fun with it for a wee while, and then I will go ahead and do more important things. Like getting a proper shower, get my teeth fixed, and start writing small short stories and poetry for girls again.

And maybe go to Morocco to get myself the biggest bong hit in the history of man kind while having a laugh about it all.

Ireland used to be my island. Not anymore!

It’s like my friend and creative editor and legal advicor and I discussed not to long ago, we’re not cut out to settle down in one place. We’re the new generation of cosmopolitans. and we take shit from no one, because we don’t have to.

This person who sent me this fan mail must have it in for freaks.

He or she does not realize what cultural asset we freaks are. We contribute to the society and the world at large.

If this mental pygme thought calling me a freak was an insult, he or she made a huge mistake. I consider being called a freak an honorary title.

And if Aidan hghes  read this: I hope he will get kicked out of Natioanl Pen with a boot as I will set the wheels in movement to bring down NPL completely. And you pissants can thank your wee fascist fuhrers for that. They managed to piss me off big time.

And the tall whitey will truly know what it feels like fearing me and what I can do to him and the rest of his obidient slaves of gullible idiots who actually think that he got YOUR interest in mind.

The thing is that both Marie Kirk and Aiden is enemies of freedom of speech. that’s why they got the wheels running quicker than a herd of wild horses across the fields to get me out of there as “peacefully” as possible.

then we will see what the freak can do. the freak will run on his freak power and take no prisoners.

There is one person that might stop me from doing this however. that is my colleage that has covered for me more than once, and know how the Norwegian mind work. He’s been living there for 37 years. He’s first cher was Francis Bull! My teacher is also dead for many years. the only thing that might stop me from dismembering NPL completgely is this old man. It’s because I respect him. It’s because we actually have something in common despite our terior differences. We’re still the same kind.

He and only he can have a hope for NPLs survival in the Norwegian market.

 truy believe that Marie Kirk and Aidan Hughes are enemies of free speech.

They are enemies of the free thought.  That is why they got this blowhorn to tell me how glad they are to get rid of me and Marie herself to tell everybody what rubbish I write.

Aidan Hughes, Marie Kirk and this anonymous commentator have just made me their enemy.

I hope they find my enimosity worth it… And pe ey wappreciate the mere power of an old man that might stop me from destroing them both and the company at large.

I also know that Maarie Kirk is an ugly fat bitch who hates Norweguans by default because she is a bigoteted wee cut wh think she could rule Norwegians..




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