Obama… Getting the Peace Prize, Waging more wars

There’s been a lot of discussions about wether Obama should get the Peace Prize or not. Whether he deserved it.

Well. I do no think so. No matter how mesmerizing his gifted speeches are. there’s talk, and then there’s action.

For onoce the RWers and some liberal left wingers agree.  That makes strange bed fellows, don’t it?

The difference here, is the reasons for our stands.

I see no similarity to the pathetic teabaggers and images like this:


These people truly admire this new president, the complete oposite of the old one. But they demonstrate for different reasons.

“We love you Obama, but we don’t love your war.” It has become Obamas war now. While the old drunken incoherrent fool i s probably down in Texas digging holes with his dog, and shooting quails with an M16.

The RWers don’t like their house negro the suspect is not “real” American is a Moslem, and then they project all their gall onto him.

He’s been called everything from a Nazi, commie, socialist and the King of a government run Death Panel. They hate the fact that their man was not in this position and regain the respect around the world. These freaks do not want respect from the rest of the world. They just want to bomb brown people to show them who the boss is.

They are blaming Obama for a recession their own clown king started. They’re attacking Obama for the same thing they would praize bush or McCain for, calling him a hypocrite for not solving the Iraq and Afghanistan sooner. They did right in the middle of the Health Care reform debate in the Senate.

Whenever they’re in trouble, they are in fact switching focus onto something else.

And now, they have managed to make the word Teabagger a dirty word. But they walked right into their own gullibility by thinking callingg themselves something extremely patriotic while watching their brain masters at Fox, thinking they would be indestructable.

This is not about them. It’s about the Peace Prize winner, and whom and why he got it.

The old Norwegian Prime Minister Torbjørn Jagland with the worst english accent in the world since Kåre Willoch came in the Nobel Committee just 11 days into Obamas presidency demanding he’d be put on the list of candidates.

I wonder if this old political hack is a member of the Bildeberger Club.

Or maybe he was influenced by someone else when he became member of this prestigous committee. some of whom have had a past as political whores and whore mongers.

Personally I got a bitter taste in my mouth when I heard abot who the winner was.

It has become a trend to give the prize to power mongers or former power mopngers that has been involved in dirty, illegal or unneccessary wars. Now, Obama is one of them.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to listen to his speech yet. But I know he is a good speaker with powerful rhetorics and poetic language.

But that is not enough.  When you get one of the most prestigous awards in the world, you have to have done something to deserve it. Now, this prize has become more and more politicized depending on which hack who’s got the Chairmanship from year to year.

Obama says it’s somehow necessary to make war to create peace. He goes into the line of leaders who would so badly be a war president a la Roosevelt. It proves that USA have gone into a war psychosis that has lasted since September 1945.

And this psychosis seem to drag along, unless they get a powerful remedy for this. It cost innocent people’s lives, and screws up the infrastructure in whole countries. In the meatime, Obama is buying off the criminal bankers and the Wall Street pirates, while making more and more consessions to get his health care bill through. Which might end up as a big joke. A joke where the insurance companies will laugh all the way to the bank, and more people will die without their basic human right to get proper health care that can save their lives.

He is still at war on his own people by upholding the double Think Patriot Act. He is still at war on the million people whom will be thrown into a cage this year alone for using a substance Harry Anslinger called Reefer Madness, and Bush Sr. called a scurge.

Obamas speech as I have read about it, is full of Orwellian New Speak. War is Peace, freedom is slavery, rich is poor…

I wonder what goes through someones mind to want to seek a position Obama holds. I wonder what went through his mind when he found out that he got a peace prize… in advance so to speak.

Something stinks in the land of  Norway. something is also stinking in Washington. together, it’s like a tag team in stinkaroo.

Obamas speech might have been excellently written and excecuted. But windsong does not feed the bulldog.

Even if he can form coherrent sentences, does not mean he speaks the truth.

And a Ghandi he is not. No world leader can ever measure up to Ghandis non violent tools. In comparrison to Ghandi, Mother Teresa was nothing more than a prostitute collecting money for the Vatican. Carl von Ossietstky won the prize in 1935, while being a prisoner in Hitlers concentrationcamp! Now, we are dealing it to presidents and rotten war mongers for ending wars they started themselves!

Obama has done  nothing yet. I know he’s got a bunch of loonie obstructionists at home to deal with, and an “invinsible” army of a few hundred or maybe even a few thousand Taliban warriors in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan to deal with. Maybe that’s why he had to bring the red suitcase of nuclear holocaust with him… to a Peace Prize ceremony.

To be worthy of an award like this, you should not have to carry around a Pandoras Box like this.

The peace prize should be awarded for the accomplishements. Not for political reasons. And this is a highly politizied award, where powermongers are capsuling them in a dreamworld of self proclaimed heroism

I will grant Obama this: He’d be damned if he did, and damned if he didn’t. It has a taste of catch 22 in this charade.

What I mean about this, is that if he would have declined the prize, some idiot from the left would blame him for being arrogant. He’s still getting heat no matter what he’d do. but as he says himself; I’m not trying to win a popularity contest.

I got news for you brother. That’s what elections are all about! All elections from prom queen to class president to king of the world is all popularity contest!

But I agree with you here Obama.  What you’re supposed to do is doing the right thing!

You and the world can only move forward if we take a step back and put the culprits, your predessor behind bars together with the Gitmo prisoners.

End the war in Afghanistan and Iraq! If you want them to change, show them by leading as a good example!

Show you humanity by stopping the war on your own people! Repeal the draconian war on drugs (people), and repeal the Patriot Act, use your guts to trumph through a humane health care reform that includes everybody!

Get the weary troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq! Afghanistan is a lost cause for now. And you can’t change a country and it’s people by sticking to an old course! The Afghans are a proud people and have kicked out both the Brits as well as the Russians before. And your 70 000 American troops are not superhuman. And they do not represent some welf procalimed exeptionalism. Whatever you and your predescor meant by that. Unless you are willing to get on a uniform maybe to commit collateral damage yourself, you have no right to ask others to do that for you. Peace is merely non violence. Creating peace is putting down your Pandoras box and guns and start building things.

Trust me! These simple steps will work wonders!

What do I know about these things?

I am merely a small time traveller, part time drunk, defender of dope fiends, writer, and a person who’s served himself abroad.

Most of all, I’m about to find out that love and forgiveness is hell of a lot more worth than bitterness, anger and hatred…

I do admire ou your will to communicate with words instead of bullets. But I urge you to put your money where your mouth is. You can talk the talk, can you walk the walk?

Best regards

Morten Alme

December 10th 2009


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