How can you ever

ask forgivness if you won’t

allow that to yourself?

To go into a new destiny

with the strentgh of

your fathers and your mothers?

And yet torn from them

and the rest of the World?

To make a History on your own..

To transfer from one place to another

But not without pain

That eternal journey

across the seas

and across borders and plains

How can you ever go back

to where you have been born

When you have seen and felt of another

world than just histoy books and fairy tales

During that long road

We have to forgive each other

and more important

to forgive ourself

And to forgive where you once came from…

Only after then

You can continue in your journey

On your quest

That will never dawn,

or Never request
Morten Alme


2 responses to “Forgivness..

  1. wrestling! sounds to me as if there are factions within contending one against the other for control…..time will reveal who of these would be victors shall at the end stand victorious…

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