A weekly report…

Times are a bit changing these days.

No bloody manager have been on my back for more than a week now. But I’m also noticing different vibes from other colleagues.

The tensions are running in the Scandinavian teams. More people have felt a certain resentment toward the place they are working.

Everything can be repeated. And so it does. It’s like working on an assembly line day in and day out. And in this picture, I feel like the lucky one. I have at times very nice conversations with customers. But the pay still sucks.

The efficiency they’re demanding is not worth the pay they’re offering. And the contract stinks into high heaven.

If you don’t finish your contract, they have the right to get your plane ticket refunded by you. So, you’re on the street with no money and no place to go.

It has happened a few occations already this week. I’ve also heard about a certain resentment toward guest workers from the locals. Doormen and local people and other co. workers. All nationalities are sticking to themselves.

The “friendliness” from the beginning have worn off. So is my enthusiasm. But was it ever there? Did it dissappear once the fat ugly Italian started rubbing me the wrong way?

I guess he must not have gotten a fore warning:  to rub me the wrong way!

And the management almost seem a bit afraid of me. Toda, my closest manager came over to me with a paper. She almost looked nervous when I looked to her wondering what the hell she wanted on my side of the office.

I reminded myself that I don’t do mistakes anymore! Just look at my writing these days! Not more than a dosen spells per page!

But the others are highly malcontent. After listening to their stories, I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

It’s a Western version of a sweat shop with short tempers. With no rights and no priveliges whatsoever. Except for the weekly raffle…If you’re a part of the “social club”… On 200 Euros a week, you’re not affording to that. It’s a use and throw away factory. Local workers are telling me that they are temps tooø. And go unemplyed the rest of the year until next season.

And in the Scandinavian Camp tensions are running high. They’re not happy. I’m not happy either.

While NPLs CEOs are flying private jets, we’re sweating for crumbs…

I must remind you that these bastards are American and most likely came here for the golf back when I first started.

And in two months I will blow my cover to them creeps who are running the show.

It will be fun, and I’ll be on my way to somewhere else…

9th October 2009.

The day Obama “won” the Peace Prize for his “Visions”… I wonder what this world will come to. I had visions too! LAst night when I got completely baked on the local weed! Are they worth something? Like world peace and free drugs?



One response to “A weekly report…

  1. Your cover?? Are you doing a story on the company? In order of ‘someone’ or as an freelance, that is willing to sell afterwards? I don’t get it… It’s nicely written and quite interesting I must say! I’ve ofcourse had my experience with those, to what I can relate to by reading your story.. 🙂 Cool, I will follow you!

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