The First Norwegian Meeting

Deadly tired I join my Norwegian colleagues for a few beer tonight.

They’re young. They’re full f enerrgy! But some are bein worn down by a job they are not appreciated.

We’re all a different species from the rest back home. Though all stories are unique, there is something that reminds me of what I’ve been through myself at that age.

And now I’m the old bastard.

We had a few drinks and a few splifs, and everything seemed different than from work.
And we spoke about work. And it was not good. We spoke of searching for adventure.

We spoke of the past, and the next move in our nearest future. Where to go next. My dream still lies up North.

There and back again. But where will “back again” really mean?

You figure it out while ‘ll be smoking another herbal weed…

The Bohemianwriter


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